Sally Zhang '15

My reason to become a PPE major is simple: I like Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and when I realized that it’s too hard to choose among them, I thought, why not do all three? I chose PPE and never regretted my decision. The thing I like most about PPE is its breadth, both across and within disciplines. For example, in my concentration field of economics, I had the opportunity to learn about macroeconomic theory, microeconomic theory, and game theory, as well as a taste of empirical analysis within six courses. PPE also shows you how Philosophy, Politics and Economics go hand-in-hand in the real world. I sometimes think of the different theories I learn as different lenses through which to view the world. For example, given a news event, a PPE-major has at least three different lenses at his/her disposal to scrutinize the event. Each one provides a very different perspective, yet the three perspectives are often closely related and interdependent. This is most clearly shown in our senior seminar “Freedom, Markets, and Well-Being,” (which I believe is the highlight of the major), in which we talked about real world events such as legalizing kidney sales and discussed them from philosophical, political and economic perspectives.