Remy Rossi '19

For me, a liberal arts education means gaining a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. PPE has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the world through the intersection of politics, philosophical thought, and economics. I chose to major in PPE because I have a hard time restricting my academic interests and this major gives me the opportunity to participate in such a broad, unique program. I love the freedom to choose classes from three great departments and tailor the major to my specific interests. Studying PPE opens many exciting doors. Last summer, I was an intern for the Boston Cyclists’ Union, a small bike advocacy nonprofit. The BCU combines progressive policy work with local community projects, advocating for more and better urban biking infrastructure and increased access for disadvantaged communities. Supported by PCIP summer funding, I spent two months attending policy meetings, managing donations, and fixing bikes in low-income neighborhoods. I got to see firsthand how PPE knowledge is immensely valuable in the nonprofit and advocacy space where public policy, economics, and philosophical missions intersect every day.