Michael Someck '15

Michael Someck ‘15

I didn’t come to Pomona with the intention of being a philosophy major. I kind of just, well, fell into it. When I was making my schedule for my first semester my first year, I had three classes that I pretty much had to take. That left one class that I was free to choose, and on somewhat of a whim I decided to venture into something new by taking an Introduction to Ethics class. As cheesy as it might sound, I really fell in love with the class. As someone who thinks and talks a lot (and I mean a LOT—just ask my friends) about random thought experiments and philosophical questions, the class was the first opportunity I had ever had to formalize my thoughts in an organized way. In addition, the class was small and filled with a ton of insanely smart people, which led to some of the most fascinating discussions I had ever had.

The following semester, it was an easy decision to take another philosophy class. Then I took two more, and then another two after those. Before I knew it, I was over halfway to completing the major and had a fairly long list of classes that I still wanted to take. And now here I am as a major. My experience has been an amazing one: each class, though taught by different professors and comprised of different students, has been full of thought-provoking discussions that I often bring back to my friends outside of philosophy and continue until the early hours of the morning. Philosophy is one of those things that kind of follows you wherever you go, and it has really played a large role in shaping my Pomona experience into the phenomenal one it has been.