Science, Technology and Society Faculty
Laura Perini
Laura T. Perini
Associate Professor of Philosophy; On leave for the 2017-2018 academic year
Pearsons Hall 209
(909) 607-5095
Ann Davis
N. Ann Davis
McConnell Professor of Human Relations and Professor of Philosophy
Pearsons Hall 210
(909) 607-1695
Prof. Richard McKirahan
Richard D. McKirahan
Edwin Clarence Norton Professor of Classics and Professor of Philosophy; Coordinator of Science, Technology and Society (STS)
Pearsons Hall 005
(909) 607-2912
Richard Worthington
Richard K. Worthington
Professor of Politics; On leave for the 2017-2018 academic year
Carnegie Building 102
(909) 607-3529
Science, Technology and Society Faculty at the Other Claremont Colleges
Prof. Marianne de Laet
Marianne de Laet
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Science, Technology, and Society (Harvey Mudd College)
Prof. Vivien Hamilton
Vivien Hamilton
Assistant Professor of the History of Science (Harvey Mudd College)
Geoffrey Herrera
Fletcher Jones Associate Professor of Political Studies (Pitzer College)
Jemma Lorenat
Assistant Professor of Mathematics (Pitzer College)
Andre Wakefield
Professor of History (Pitzer)
Brian L. Keeley
Brian Keeley
Professor of Philosophy (Pitzer College)
Jih-Fei Cheng
Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (Scripps)
(909) 607-4085
Science, Technology and Society Staff
Anne Tessier
Academic Coordinator of Neuroscience and Administrative Assistant of Environmental Analysis/Science, Technology and Society
Seaver South 229
(909) 607-2348