Faculty Coordinator

  • Laura Perini, Associate Professor of Philosophy and STS

Student Liaisons

Steering Committee

  • Laura Perini, chair, Pomona College
  • Andrew Aisenberg, Scripps College
  • *Ann Davis, Pomona College
  • Marianne De Laet, Harvey Mudd College
  • Vivien Hamilton, Harvey Mudd College
  • Geoffrey Herrera, Pitzer College
  • Brian Keeley, Pitzer College
  • Jemma Lorenat, Pitzer College
  • **Richard McKirahan, Pomona College
  • Bryan Penprase, Pomona College
  • David Tanenbaum, Pomona College
  • Andre Wakefield, Pitzer College
  • Richard Worthington, Pomona College

* On leave Spring 2015
** On leave 2015-16

Support Staff

  • Anne Tessier, Administrative Assistant