Computer Science Major

Study core areas of computer science and advance to courses on algorithms, artificial intelligence, databases, natural language processing, neural networks, human-computer interaction and security.

As a computer science major or minor, you'll learn to analyze complex problems and to critically evaluate potential solutions. You'll also become versed in core areas of computer science including systems, theory and algorithms. You'll apply that knowledge in the senior seminar and an optional independent senior project or thesis, as well as in electives that include artificial intelligence, databases natural language processing, neural networks, human-computer interaction and security.

Students in the Computer Science Lab
Students in the Computer Science Lab
Students in the Computer Science Lab
Students in the Computer Science Lab
Students in class
Students in class
Edmunds Hall, housing Computer Science
Edmunds Hall, housing Computer Science

What You’ll Study

    • Techniques for identifying, formulating and solving complex problems
    • Discrete mathematics and data structures
    • Systems, programming languages and algorithms
    • Current topics in computer science
At least half of all Pomona students take at least one computer science course while at Pomona College.

Research at Pomona

Katiana Wieser ’24

Animating Asterism

Research under Professor Osborn allowed Katiana Wieser ’24 to explore the underlying complexities and logic that make video games possible while also questioning how to lower the barrier of entry into video game creation through Asterism: A Game Engine Engine. Through this research she has been able to use her personal interest in animation to add new features to the existing lab work.

Justin Long ’24

Text Simplification

Conducting research with Professor David Kauchak allowed Justin Long ’24 to explore a fascinating subfield of computer science that he likely would not have been exposed to otherwise. Throughout the process, he fostered a more holistic approach to computer science while also strengthening academic and practical skills he can take beyond college.

Christy Marchese ’24

Sim-to-Real Transferability

Christy Marchese ’24 has worked with Professor Anthony Clark in the Autonomous Robotics and Complex Systems Lab, researching methods to bridge the sim-to-real transferability gap for mobile robots. She has been able to explore a variety of activities within the lab from building robot parts in CAD to designing and implementing novel neural network architectures.

Jared Mejia ’22
Jared Mejia ’22

The experiences I have had studying CS at Pomona have been transformative and have fed into my curiosity—the joy of learning such exciting concepts never ceases. Thanks to the professors and students in the department, I have discovered my passion for CS and feel eager and well prepared to pursue a Ph.D. in computer science following my undergraduate studies.

Faculty & Teaching

Our computer science faculty expertise includes theory, algorithms, artificial intelligence, database systems, natural language processing, security, human computer interaction and security.

Professor Tzu-Yi Chen

More than just a collection of tools and techniques, computer science is a way of thinking about problems and so has wide-ranging applications to other disciplines. The CS curriculum teaches students how to conceptualize multiple views of a problem and how to develop and evaluate solutions grounded in theory, both in core courses and in electives in our areas of research.