Explore dance as a performing art and discover how movement studies inform your view of the human experience.

The major and minor in dance explore the movement and beauty of the human body through modern and non-Western dance, ballet, composition, repertory and performance—involving elements of theatre, music, design and the visual arts.

Students choose one of two areas of emphasis: Performance Studies or Movement Studies. In the performance emphasis, you’ll study technique at the advanced level culminating in a senior choreography/performance project; in movement studies, you’ll combine their work in dance with other disciplines.

Dance students develop and refine concentration skills, observational and analytical abilities, and capacities for working with broad aesthetic concepts and fine details while developing their creative instincts. 

  • In class with Professor Laurie Cameron
    In class with Professor Laurie Cameron
  • Student dance recital rehearsal
    Student dance recital rehearsal
  • Class in African Dance
    Class in African Dance
  • In class with Professor Anthony Shay
    In class with Professor Anthony Shay

What You'll Study

  • Courses in modern dance and ballet techniques
  • History of American concert dance or world dance
  • One course in anatomy and kinesiology
  • One course in composition
  • Senior project or thesis, depending on your concentration
Choose from eight classes dedicated to dance traditions from around the world.

Performing at Pomona

  • DNA | Desert 1.2 | scorpions
    “DNA: Dance Nature and Animals”: Joseph Reynolds ’15

    An independent study creating choreography inspired by the idyllic wildlife and terrain of Southern California’s landscape and habitat. 

  • An Unwilling Prophecy rehearsal
    “An Unwilling Prophet”: Ilana Cohen ’16

    “How articulate can I be without using words? What could make a dance ‘Jewish’? Can I get new information from a story by dancing it?”

Ilana Cohen '16
Ilana Cohen ’16

Dancing at Pomona has opened me to seeing movement everywhere and has made me comfortable taking my movement out of the classroom and off of the stage. I find that I can use my dance ability in daily conversation and am excited to find the whole body necessary for communication.

Faculty & Teaching

The Pomona College dance faculty is comprised of professional dancers, choreographers, researchers and scholars. These experts bring years of performance and study to challenge students to master technical skills, express themselves creatively and introduce them to a variety of styles and approaches. 

Professor Laurie Cameron

Dance and movement studies give students the opportunity to express themselves holistically, bringing body, mind and spirit together to create art, engage in exciting interdisciplinary study, and participate in healthy recreational activities that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.