Dance Prospective Students

The Application Process

The Office of Admissions welcomes supplemental materials from students who have had significant participation in dance if they wish to emphasize their accomplishments in this area as part of their application for admission. As the College seeks to enroll a student body with a diversity of talents and interests, submitting supplementary materials can help the Admissions staff better understand how you might contribute in these areas. Please note that submitting supplemental materials is not required, but the Admissions staff is interested in learning as much about each applicant’s extracurricular participation and achievements in these areas as possible.

This is completely optional, and should be submitted only by those students who have had significant experience in high school with the arts and who plan to continue their involvement at the collegiate level.

Supplemental information is reviewed by faculty in the corresponding departments, and the resulting feedback is considered as part of the overall holistic review of a candidate by the Admissions Committee. Because this process takes time, please submit your materials as early as possible, and no later than the deadline for the admission program to which you are applying:

  • Early Decision I: Nov. 15
  • Early Decision II: Jan. 8
  • Regular Decision: Jan. 8
  • Transfer: Feb. 15

General Instructions

Arts supplements may be submitted online only after you have submitted your application to Pomona. You will log in using the same credentials you use to access your applicant portal. A link to the arts supplement form is also available on your applicant portal. Once the supplement form is submitted, it cannot be edited. However, you can save it and return to it later before final submission.

Dance Supplements

Dance supplements may come from any genre, but students are encouraged to explore the Dance Department website to view the full list of course offerings.


  • Materials must be submitted electronically through the website SlideRoom. Please see instructions on accessing SlideRoom on our Admissions website.
  • Please follow the instructions within SlideRoom on submission of materials.
  • Please be sure that your supplement is complete before submitting, as you cannot make changes after submission.


Please include a PDF document for the Dance Department faculty to review. At minimum, it should include a résumé or list summarizing experience with dance, giving years and technique(s) studied, summer programs, clubs, performances, repertoire (solo and/or ensemble), and/or awards received.


In addition, you are encouraged to submit no more than two minutes of video of a performance, rehearsal, or studio work representing your abilities. It can be an original piece choreographed by the student or other dancer. The chosen piece should highlight your uniqueness as a dancer.

In the case of a group piece, the candidate should clearly state in the summary information which dancer he/she is. Please also list the work(s) performed on the recording.

Candidates who do not have access to video equipment are not penalized and are given due consideration based on the information they provide in writing.

Please note that although Common Application refers to only “arts” supplements, science and math supplements should also be submitted using SlideRoom.

Visiting the Campus

Any candidate who is able to visit Pomona is welcome to observe or participate in a dance class.  The schedule of classes is posted on the courses & requirements pageIt is wise to contact the Dance Program Office prior to visiting in the event that there may be a schedule change.


Is it possible to take dance classes at Pomona even if I choose to major in another discipline?

Pomona Dance classes are available to any student at the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges, regardless of major.  Courses may be taken for varying credit (depending on the subject). Many technique classes may be taken for one full credit, half credit, or cumulative (.25) credit. We do not allow audits except by special permission. Dance technique classes satisfy the Pomona College Physical Education requirement, and most full credit courses in dance satisfy the Pomona College Breadth of Study requirement Area 1: Creative Expression.

What performing opportunities are available at Pomona?

Any student enrolled in a dance course at either Scripps or Pomona is eligible to audition for “In the Works” (the Pomona/Scripps Fall Concert), the Scripps Spring Dance Concert, the Pomona Spring Dance Concert, and “Fast Forward,” the student-organized concert at the end of the year.  In addition, there are a variety of clubs on campus that focus on specific styles such as jazz, hip-hop, tap, hula and capoeira.

 ​Is it possible to double-major in dance and another subject?

Many students double major, and we currently have concentrators who are also majoring in neuroscience, literature, art and biology. Students who are considering a double-major should make every effort to map out their four-year plan early, particularly if they choose to study abroad.

What styles are taught at Pomona?

Pomona is a modern-based program supported by excellent ballet training and a variety of cultural styles courses, such as hip-hop, jazz, African modern, Balinese and Middle Eastern. Modern and ballet are each offered in three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Cultural styles classes are open to students at all levels of experience.

In addition, Pomona offers a wide range of courses in composition, repertory, anatomy, and body disciplines that support a healthy approach to physical expression and daily habit. For more information, visit Curriculum – Areas of Study.