Geology Major

Explore Earth’s formation and evolution over time, as well as the interplay of active processes that continue to shape our planet. 

As a geology major or minor, you will study the Earth’s processes in classrooms, labs and in the field.

The department offers five major tracks: General Geology; Environmental Earth Science; Earth, Planetary and Space Science; Geochemistry; and Public Policy

Our location is perfect for field exploration and research with trips to spectacular settings ranging from the Mojave Desert and remote Utah to our nearby mountains and desert.

Field trip with Professor Robert Gaines
Field trip with Professor Robert Gaines
Lackey Geology Class
In class with Professor Jade Star Lackey
In class with Professor Linda Reinen
In class with Professor Linda Reinen
In class with Professor Eric Grosfils
In class with Professor Eric Grosfils

What You’ll Study

    • Observe and analyze the natural environment
    • Study abroad to explore diverse geologic settings
    • Scientific method, data collection and analysis
    • Modern analytic methods and equipment
Field trips each semester

Researching at Pomona

Matti Horne ’22

REU at Keck Geology Consortium

Matti Horne ’22 in an REU where she learned to scuba dive, flew to Belize and spent two weeks collecting data while diving and snorkeling on the coral reefs at Ambergris Caye. She got to present her research at the 2019 American Geophysical Conference.

Daphne Chapline ’23

Mars’ Eridania Basin

Daphne Chapline ’23 studied the mineralogy and geomorphology of Eridania Basin on Mars by analyzing satellite imagery and spectroscopy data. She presented her research at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Faculty & Teaching

Our faculty studies Earth's geologic processes in the field and lab. Their expertise includes sedimentology, paleontology, rock deformation, magma formation and fluid flow, volcanic eruptions and planetary geology. Their research is supported by NASA, the National Geographic Society, the National Science Foundation, the Research Corporation and Sigma Xi.

Professor Jade Star Lackey

The very location of the College, at the edge of two tectonic plates, means that the Department is fortunate to be able to offer students an education in one of the most geologically diverse and active places on the planet. Our major's field, classroom and research experiences are among the best and most complete in the geosciences.