Russian and Eastern European Studies Major

Study the peoples, histories and international roles of Russia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, and the Russian language from an interdisciplinary perspective. 

Your major or minor in Russian and East European Studies (REES) will be a sophisticated, interdisciplinary exploration of the Russian language and the Russian, Eastern European and Eurasian regions’ peoples, politics, cultures, histories and roles on the world stage.

You will take a variety of courses across The Claremont Colleges, including classes like Dostoevsky and Popular Culture; Stravinsky: His Milieu and His Music; Contemporary Central Asia; and World War II.

You are strongly encouraged to study abroad to immerse yourself more fully in the language and culture. 

Bulletin Board in the Russian Department
Bulletin Board in the Russian Department
In class with Professor Larissa Rudova
In class with Professor Larissa Rudova
In class with Professor Larissa Rudova
In class with Professor Larissa Rudova

What You’ll Study

    • ​Advanced Russian language study
    • Courses in the arts, humanities and social sciences
    • Study abroad in Russia
    • Senior thesis
The Ulitin Travel Grant provides up to $2,000 to subsidize a Russian or REES major’s language study or research project in Russia.

Learning at Pomona

Russia's LGBT March

The Divided Male Homosexual Community in the Post-Soviet Era

Laura M. Gonzalez Meriño ’19 explored the history of homosexual suppression in Russia and the resulting current divide of the homosexual community. She observed the way the divide has manifested in certain mediums of art, focusing on the experience of male homosexuals in Russia.

Photo of Ben Cohen in a Theater

The Writings of Sholem Aleichem

Benjamin Cohen ’16 studied the Soviet-era, Russian-language publications of Ukrainian-Jewish author Sholem Aleichem, most famous in the U.S. for writing the short stories used to create “Fiddler on the Roof.” 

Alexandra Runnels
Alexandra Runnels ’25

The Russian language is a bridge to many different treasure troves of knowledge that aren't available to monolingual English speakers. The faculty in the Russian Department are kind and encouraging, and they will teach you a new way of thinking about and interacting with the world.

Faculty & Teaching

Our Russian and East European Studies faculty members are experts on a range of topics, from socialist fashion and consumption to 19th-century Russian literature and Russian modernism. 

Professor Konstantine Klioutchkine

East European and Eurasian countries are as crucial to today’s global world as they are excitingly controversial. Classes in our program explore the cultures, societies, political structures and economic processes that inform the diversity of views emerging in this expansive region. Our majors go on to careers in international relations, government, law, business, teaching and journalism.