Oldenborg and the FLRC


Oldenborg Language Center

The most significant language-learning research at Pomona is the Oldenborg Center, Pomona's language residence hall and international cultural center.

Oldenborg provides a variety of language programming, much of which is organized by the Russian Language Resident. This year Anastasia Bobyshcheva is in charge of leading Russian conversation at lunch Monday through Friday at the Russian Language Tables. She also teaches intermediate and advanced Russian conversation classes, assists with language teaching within the Russian program, and organizes Russian cultural events and excursions.

The Russian Language Fellows at Oldenborg are advanced language students from The Claremont Colleges who help students Russian students with homework and test preparation. They're also a great resource if you want a little extra conversation practice!

Oldenborg also runs a Luncheon Colloquium, a series of talks about international matters that each semester features lectures on Russia and East Europe.

Foreign Language Resource Center

Foreign Language Resource Center. Located on the first floor of Mason, just next to the German and Russian Department, the FLRC is a place to access print and electronic resources in many languages; many language-related events occur here.