September 2018 Accomplishments

Aimee Bahng, assistant professor of gender and women’s studies, traveled to Sydney, Australia, for the Society for the Social Study of Science (4S) annual conference to present a paper called "Queering Physarum Polycephalum" on a panel titled "The Edible, the Moldy, and the Weedy: Speculative and Materialist Interventions into (Evading) Capitalist Capture" on September 1.  

Allan Barr, professor of Chinese, translated Yu Hua's essay, “Human impulses run riot: China’s shocking pace of change,” which was published in The Guardian on September 6.

Ralph Bolton ’61, emeritus professor of anthropology, was a keynote speaker at the eighth National Congress of Anthropological Investigations of Peru. The congress took place in the city of Arequipa, and the title of Bolton’s talk was “Dos Culturas – Noruega y el Perú: Un Estudio Comparativo” (“Two Cultures – Norway and Peru: A Comparative Study”).

At the same congress, Bolton was the co-author on a paper presented by Jhuver Aguirre in a symposium on anthropology and development. The title of that paper was “La Empresa de Queso en Chijnaya: Un Estudio de Caso de Emprendimiento Social en el Perú Rural” (“The Cheese Enterprise in Chijnaya: A Case Study of Social Entrepreneurship in Rural Peru”).

On the final day of the congress, there was an official presentation and discussion of the most recent book edited by Bolton, Comunidades y Parcialidades Puneñas: Antes de la Reforma Agraria (Communities and Village Sectors in Puno before the Agrarian Reform). The 540-page book is the third volume in a series of classic ethnographies from the Altiplano, published by Editorial Horizonte in Lima.

As part of his work as volunteer president of The Chijnaya Foundation, on September 30, Bolton presented stipends to 50 winners of the 2018 scholarship competition which is open to young men and women from poor communities that form part of the network of rural villages where the foundation works to reduce extreme poverty. This event took place in the city of Puno on the shore of Lake Titicaca.

Paul Cahill, associate professor of Spanish, presented a paper, “‘Confundiendo trenes y autobuses’: presente, pasado y holocausto en la poesía española de los 90,” at the 40th Annual Conference of the Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies, held at the Universitat de Barcelona from September 5-7.

Stephen Erickson, professor of philosophy, published a paper titled “Intuition, Worlds, and Transcendence: The Eroding Foundations of Spiritual Experience,” in the online journal Existenz, an International Journal in Philosophy, Religion, Politics, and the Arts, vol. 12/2, fall 2017, pp. 10-18. The issue was published on August 4, 2018.

Erickson was an invited conferee at the Liberty Fund colloquium “Political Liberty in the Writings of Raymond Aron and Karl Popper,” held in La Jolla, California, on September 20-23.

Stephan Garcia, W.M. Keck Distinguished Service Professor and professor of mathematics, gave a presentation at the Pomona College Fall Faculty Lecture Series titled “Prime time math: little green men, locust hordes, and cybersecurity” on September 26. Garcia also presented the talk "Prime Numbers and Their Biases" at CSU Fullerton on September 28.

Michael Greenberg, assistant professor of computer science, presented "Kleene Algebra Modulo Theories" at the New England Programming Languages and Systems Symposium held at Harvard University on August 27.

On September 18, Greenberg gave a talk at Tufts University on his current primary project; the talk was titled “Rehabilitating the POSIX shell.”

Genevieve Lee, Everett S. Olive Professor of Music, performed on the opening concert of the new music series in Los Angeles: Tuesdays at Monkspace. Pianist Aron Kallay and Lee played a work by San Francisco-based composer Kurt Rohde: Altromondo (2018) for piano four-hands and assorted items.

Sara Masland, assistant professor of psychology, published the chapter "Managing Mistrust, Paranoia, and Relationship Rupture" in Borderline Personality Disorder: A Case-Based Approach, Springer Publishing, on September 15.

Masland presented a paper titled "Non-specialized treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder: A meta-analysis of treatment as usual conditions" at the annual conference of the Society for Research in Psychopathology in Indianapolis on September 20. This paper is currently under review and is the product of collaboration with researchers at McLean Hospital. Linguistics major Evan Iliakis '18 is a co-author.

In addition, Masland’s student, psychology major Kaylee Null ’20, presented her summer research titled "Borderlines or people with borderline personality disorder? The influence of labels on stigma" at the annual conference of the Society for Research in Psychopathology in Indianapolis on September 22.

Gilda Ochoa, professor of Chicana/o Latina/o studies, presented "Critically Hopeful Approaches to Just Schools and Society" for OCLive at Oxnard College's Performing Arts Center on September 20.

Ochoa was also nominated to serve on the Public Engagement Advisory Committee for the American Sociological Association (ASA).

Giovanni Ortega, assistant professor of theatre, was invited to conduct a one-day intensive workshop with students of the London Dramatic Academy where he focused on the Meisner Method and Meyerhold's Biomechanics technique. Theatre majors Anais Gonzalez-Nyberg ’20 and Madeleine Kerr (HMC) are currently studying abroad at LDA and participated in the workshop.

An interview with Ortega on his multi-disciplinary work with CIRCA Pintig Theatre Company (Chicago) & East West Players (Los Angeles) is included in the book new Barangay to Broadway: Filipino American Theater History by Walter Ang. It also discusses his role as the producing artistic director for the civic group Search to Involve Pilipino Americans (SIPA) and Mezçlão Productions.

Furthermore, SOMA Pilipinas also interviewed Ortega alongside Joël Tan in regard to their upcoming workshop in San Francisco. The conversation discussed dealt with being queer men of color navigating spaces between cultural, queer identity and the general confluence of the worldwide Filipino community around art, expression, activism as well as shared experiences with colonized demographics.

Ortega was recently cast in “TNT” (Tago ng Tago) by San-San Onglatco for the American Film Institute (AFI) in conjunction with the SAG-AFTRA Los Angeles Conservatory and will start shooting in the beginning of October. TNT is the Filipino slang for undocumented Filipinos living in the United States.

Lastly, McDonald's is now airing a commercial online in Taglish (Filipino/English) featuring Ortega.

Carolyn Ratteray, assistant professor of theatre, booked a Toyota commercial campaign. She also booked a Hyundai voice over commercial and was the voice-over actor for a popular video game character.

Linda Reinen, associate professor of geology, is the recipient of the 2018 International Association for Geoscience Diversity (IAGD) Inclusive Geoscience Education and Research (IGER) Award for her inclusive design in the classroom and field instruction and proactive support of students with disabilities through collaborative planning, and for being a strong advocate for accessibility and inclusion in her department. Reinen will receive the award at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Washington, D.C. in December.

Larissa Rudova, Yale B. and Lucille D. Griffith Professor of Modern Languages and professor of German and Russian, co-edited a special thematic cluster, "Russian and Eastern European War Childhood," with Dorota Michułka, for Filoteknos: Children's Literature-Cultural Mediation-Anthropology of Childhood, no. 8, a peer-reviewed journal published by the University of Wrocław. She wrote an editor's introduction, “Fictional and Historical Remembering of the Great Patriotic War: Events and Heroes Great and Small,” pp. 7-12. Her article, “Storying War Childhood in Albert Likhanov’s Russian Boys,” is also included in this issue.

Erin Runions, professor of religious studies, was part of a grant writing team for United Voices of Pomona for Environmental Justice, which won a $50,000 grant from calEPA. The grant was awarded for the group to develop a compost farm in south Pomona as a way to model dealing with food waste so that it does not end up in the waste stream.

Runions published a short essay "Keeping the Children Captive" on The Immanent Frame, a respected online forum on religious studies.

Brenda Rushforth, assistant vice president of human resources and chief human resources officer, has been elected for a two-year term as the volunteer vice president of legislative affairs for the Professionals in Human Resources Association (PIHRA), which is the largest affiliated chapter of the Society of Human Resources (SHRM). PIHRA serves the human resources community in all industries from Palm Springs to Santa Monica, and from Ventura to San Clemente.

Monique Saigal-Escudero, professor of French emerita, presented at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. on July 15 and 16, at the Arlington Public Library on July 17 and at the Walker Chapel Forum at the United Methodist Church in Arlington on July 18. 

Gary Smith, Fletcher Jones Professor of Economics, published “Step Away From StepWise,” in Journal of Big Data on September 5. Smith gave a lecture on his forthcoming book, The AI Delusion, at the Athenaeum at CMC, on September 18. Lastly, Smith was a guest on the Free Food for Thought podcast on September 18.

Miguel Tinker Salas, Leslie Farmer Professor of Latin American Studies and professor of history and Chicana/o Latina/o studies, was interviewed by BBC in early September for an upcoming documentary on Venezuela.

Friederike von Schwerin-High, associate professor of German, published an article titled “Die Rechtssprache zu und in August Wilhelm Schlegels metrischen Shakespeare-Übersetzungen [The language of law within and surrounding A. W. Schlegel’s metric Shakespeare translations]” in the yearbook Schriften der internationalen Arnim Gesellschaft, vol. XII, Berlin: de Gruyter 2018, pp. 205-222 on September 18. It has the special topic “Romantik und Recht: Recht und Sprache, Rechtsfälle und Gerechtigkeit” [Romanticism and Law: Law and Language, Legal Cases and Justice].