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Engage: 5C and Pomona Clubs

How to Access Engage

Choose your home school's portal below. Log in with your school ID and password, and then click on the Engage link.

Here's what you get with Engage:

  • A list of all 5C & Pomona clubs and organizations with which you can get connected
  • 5C calendar of events for all student clubs/orgs, so you know what's happening
  • A personalized way to track your co-curricular involvement and out-of-classroom learning while at Pomona
  • Create a co-curricular transcript that lists all involvement and roles you've had with clubs/orgs and other programs on campus.
  • Online event registration tools for holding an event on the Pomona campus

Personalize Your Profile

The first time you log in, the system will take your log on information and use it to create a simple profile for you. You can then upload a picture and enter other information about yourself…very similar to a Facebook profile. You can also list you interests and the system will suggest clubs that you might be interested in.

Join Organizations

Click on the organizations tab on the Engage homepage and you will see a list of organizations at the 5Cs. You can search by name, keywords or categories. Once you join an organization, that organization's leader can list you as an officer, member, etc., and that membership or position will appear on your co-curricular transcript.