Student Account Information

Students' financial accounts are required to be current and up to date at all times. All outstanding past due balances must be paid by the first week of classes each semester. If a student is receiving federal or college loans, all promissory loan notes must be signed by the required date shown on the Academic Calendar each semester.

Families of Pomona College students may choose between two different billing schedules—a monthly payment plan or a basic plan with a single payment per semester. Please read the following information carefully as you decide which plan best suits your needs and begin making your financial arrangements.

Payment Methods

The Monthly Payment Plan

The Monthly Payment Plan allows families to spread the cost of tuition, room and board, and student-body fees over the academic year. There are four billing installments per semester, for a total of eight payments for the academic year. Payments are due at the beginning of each billing month.  Fall semester payments begin August 1, and end November 1.  Spring semester payments begin January 2, and end April 1.  Miscellaneous charges such as parking citations and health center fees are due and payable in the month billed.  These charges are not spread over your remaining monthly payments.

The Full Payment Plan

If you do not elect to use the Monthly Payment Plan, you will be billed one payment per semester. You will receive your fall semester statement in mid-July for payment due August 1, and your spring semester statement in mid-December for payment due January 2. You will also receive a statement any month in which miscellaneous charges are billed. These charges are due and payable in the month billed.

Western Union GlobalPay

International students - How to make a payment

Pomona College and Western Union Business Solutions have partnered through CASHNet to provide a convenient way for you to make payments for your tuition and other fees. Once you’ve logged in to CASHNet and selected Western Union Business Solutions, you will be directed to WU GlobalPay for students.

  • Pay in the currency of your choice without any fees
  • Receive best rate guarantee via WU ® GlobalPay for Students Price Promise*
  • Your full payment amount is received by Pomona College no hidden fees
  • Live chat with 24/7 support
  • Track your payment
  • How to make a payment
  • When you pay via Western Union Business Solutions you will access the WU GlobalPay for Students payments platform and choose from a wide range of local online payment options including Alipay, UnionPay, ChinaPay and INR Bank.

*If you find a lower price from your bank, we will match it. Email with GlobalPay for Students reference (starting with EUS) plus screenshots of the quote from your bank. Terms and Conditions apply.

Returned Payments & Delinquent Accounts

Payments returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds are subject to a returned payment fee of $25 for the first incident and $35 for second incident. If your payment is not received by the due date, a late payment charge will be assessed at the rate of $25 per month until the past due account is paid in full. 

Room and Board

Room and board payments cover room rent and the cost of meals during and just prior to the opening of classes. Students may change board plans until the 10th day of classes through the Office of Campus Life. The College will cover the room and board costs for new students if they are asked to arrive prior to that date, and for any returning students who are needed to assist with the opening activities.
The room contract does not include the use of rooms during summer or during winter vacations; the College reserves the right to assign other persons to rooms during these periods. Students who wish to stay on campus during these periods must request special arrangements with the Office of Campus Life. If such a request is approved, there will be a nominal charge for the privilege. The College dining halls are normally closed during these periods.

Mailing Your Payment

If you mail your payment instead of using ACH, please send your check (with student's ID number) to:

Pomona College
P.O. Box 22390
Los Angeles, CA 90074-2390

Bank of America Lockbox Services
Lockbox 22390
2706 Media Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90065

Note that the bank will not hold postdated checks.

Outside scholarship checks should be sent directly to the Office of Financial Aid at:

Office of Financial Aid
333 N. College Way
Claremont CA 91711.

Paying Via E-Check and Viewing Your Balance Online

Students may view and pay online at the Pomona College Portal website. Once the student authorizes an additional party they will receive an email with a parent PIN and password, along with a CASHNet link specific for parents to log in. Credit cards are not accepted. For any questions on this process, please email

Enrollment Deposit

You will not see a credit on your statement for payment of the first-year deposit. Deposits are held in a separate account and will be refunded directly to the student upon graduation (or withdrawal) from the College after settlement of the final bill.

Whom to Call With Questions

The Student Accounts Office and the Office of Financial Aid are two separate offices who work closely together. If you have questions regarding your Student Accounts statement, please contact Student Accounts at (909) 621-8214. If you have questions regarding your “Offer of Financial Aid,” please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (909) 621-8205.