Families of Pomona College students may choose between two different billing schedules—a monthly payment plan or a basic plan with a single payment per semester. Please read the following information carefully as you decide which plan best suits your needs and begin making your financial arrangements.

Enrollment Deposit

You will not see a credit on your statement for payment of the first-year deposit. Deposits are held in a separate account and will be refunded directly to the student upon graduation (or withdrawal) from the College after settlement of the final bill.

The Pomona College Monthly Payment Plan

The Pomona College Monthly Payment Plan allows families to make their annual payments to the College in eight installments. No interest is charged; however, there is a $50 per semester service fee and penalties for late payments. Payments begin in August 2017 and end in April 2018; with no payment due in December. Agreement must be received by the Pomona College Student Accounts Office no later than June 1, 2017.

The "Pomona College Tuition Payment Agreement [pdf]" outlines the terms of this Plan. Under the Monthly Payment Plan, there are four billing installments per semester, for a total of eight payments for the academic year. Payments are due on the first day of each billing month. Fall semester payments begin August 1, 2017, and end November 1, 2017. Spring semester payments begin January 2, 2018, and end April 1, 2018.

If you elect to use the Monthly Plan, simply initial your payment choice and complete the Agreement and return it to the Student Accounts Office by the June 1 deadline. Don’t forget to make a copy for your own records. You do not need to mail a check for the service fee with your Agreement. This $50 charge will appear on your first statement for the semester along with your regular semester charges. You should receive your first statement in mid-July for payment due August 1, 2017. Miscellaneous charges such as parking citations, library fines and health center charges are due and payable in the month billed. These charges are not spread over your remaining monthly payments.

The Full Payment Plan

If you do not elect to use the Payment Plan, you will be billed one payment per semester. You will receive your fall semester statement in mid-July for payment due August 1, 2016, and your spring semester statement in mid-December for payment due January 2, 2017. You will also receive a statement any month in which miscellaneous charges are billed. These charges are due and payable in the month billed. Please initial full payment in the Payment Plan Agreement [pdf].

Grace Period & Late Payments

Pomona College allows a grace period of five business days after the due date for both plans. After the grace period has expired, your account is subject to a $25 late fee. If an emergency arises and you need an extension on the due date, you may contact the Student Accounts Office before the due date to make special arrangements for late payment without penalty. Payments made by check and returned by the bank for non-sufficient funds are subject to a returned check fee of $35 per incident of return.

Room & Board Charges

New and returning students are automatically coded for the standard board plan, providing 16 meals per week and $160 Plus per semester. Changes in your board plan may be made during the summer after you receive your first invoice, at the start of each semester, through the tenth day of classes at the Office of Housing and Residential Life, and during the break between semesters.

Financial Aid & Your Statement

When you receive your first statement you should review the financial aid brochure titled "Understanding Your Financial Aid" and your “Offer of Financial Aid” (sent to you by the Office of Financial Aid) along with your statement. These forms should help you understand how the Student Accounts Office has calculated the balance due. If you have been awarded financial aid and your statement does not reflect these credits, please do not wait for an adjusted statement. We bill only once a month and if no payment is received, your account will be charged a $25 late payment fee. Please contact the Student Accounts Office before the due date to make special arrangements for an estimated payment amount.

Mailing Your Payment

If you mail your payment instead of using ACH, please send your payment to Pomona College, File No. 22390, Los Angeles, CA 90074-2390, and remember to enclose the remittance stub from your statement with your check. The bank will not hold postdated checks. If you need to write to the Student Accounts Office about your account, please use the campus address in Claremont printed on the remittance stub of your statement. Outside award checks or scholarships should not be sent with your regular payment but directly to the Financial Aid office. Please note:  Pomona does not accept payment by credit card.

Paying Via E-Check and Viewing Your Balance Online

Students may view and pay online at the Pomona website at https://my.pomona.edu. Once the student authorizes an additional party they will receive an email with a parent PIN and password, along with a CASHNet link specific for parents to log in. Credit cards are not accepted. For any questions on this process, please email student.accounts@pomona.edu.

Whom to Call With Questions

The Student Accounts Office and the Office of Financial Aid are two separate offices, but they work closely together. If you have questions regarding your Student Accounts statement, please contact the Student Accounts Manager at (909) 621-8214. If you have questions regarding your “Offer of Financial Aid,” please contact the Office of Financial Aid at (909) 621-8205.