Heat Mitigation Plan

August 15, 2023

Southern California weather patterns can bring heat waves in August and September, and we continue to take steps to mitigate the effects for residents of our residence halls that do not have A/C in individual rooms.

New this year: students have the option of bringing portable evaporative coolers to use in their room as needed. Only one is necessary per room and require no more than 120 volts of electricity or 300 watts.

These reasonably-priced evaporative coolers are an excellent alternative to window or portable A/C units, which are not permitted because they can overload electrical capacity.

Our heat mitigation plan goes into effect once an extended period of intense heat is forecasted. Key steps include:

  • Air-conditioned common lounge areas will be available to students in Harwood, Smiley, Clark I, Clark III and Wig residence halls. Facilities and campus services will place mattresses in these common areas, including Walker Lounge as well, for overnight accommodations. ​
  • Once the plan is activated, the living room in Smith Campus Center (SCC) will be open around the clock and accessible through swipe access (located across from Edmunds Ballroom.) First floor bathrooms will also remain unlocked.
  • Existing outdoor water misters will be activated in residential seating areas around campus, including by the pergola outside Harwood Court and seating areas near the Wig, Clark V, and Norton-Clark residence halls.
  • Water stations will be placed and maintained on main foot traffic thoroughfares along College Way and in selected residence hall areas in addition to these spots: ​
    • Corner of College Way/Bonita Avenue
    • Outside Walker lounge
    • Café 47/Coop area outside SCC
  • Frary Dining Hall, the Coop Fountain and Frank Dining Hall will be open until late at night to provide more air-conditioned areas for students as well as meal service.

While our newer residence halls are equipped with A/C, we continue to take steps to mitigate heat in the older structures that do not.

For additional information, please reach out to robert.robinson@pomona.edu or Kevin Austin at kevin.austin@pomona.edu.