The Humanities Studio at Pomona College was established in the Fall of 2018 to foster interdisciplinary study of the humanities among Pomona students and faculty, and to enrich the experience of the humanities for students, faculty, staff, and our surrounding communities.

Through a variety of programs and events, we seek to spark conversations across the humanities disciplines. But we’re equally interested in building connections and sharing resources between the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, including mathematics.

The Humanities Studio offers four main programming areas:

  • The Studio Seminar. Each year the Studio convenes a yearlong seminar for the Humanities Studio Fellows—six Pomona faculty members, six Pomona students engaged in senior research in the humanities, and up to two Mellon Chau postdoctoral fellows. The seminar is organized around an annual theme of broad interest across the humanities, and meets weekly to discuss readings, talk with visiting scholars, visit area cultural institutions, and share work in progress.
  • The Speakers Series. In conjunction with the annual theme, speakers from various humanities fields are brought to campus to meet with Studio Fellows, present public lectures, and meet in smaller settings with students and/or faculty.
  • The Humanities Toolkit. Practical, small-group presentations and events are held each year to provide professional development opportunities for faculty and for students. Typical topics include publishing with a university press; writing for a general audience; crafting and placing an op-ed piece; applying to graduate school; and careers in the humanities.
  • “Random Acts of Humanities.” Forged on the spot and in the moment, partnerships with departments, programs, faculty members, and students seize other “pop-up” programming opportunities that fall outside the Studio’s annual theme.