Karen Huddleston '16 - Kyoto, Japan

Karen Huddleston '16, a computer science major, is spending the semester in Kyoto, Japan. Huddleston has studied Japanese since the sixth grade and has always wanted to visit Japan. Even though she can't take computer science classes at the Associated Kyoto Program, she chose it over Tokyo (which has that discipline) because “Kyoto is very rich with Japanese history and culture. “I think of college as a time to grow as a person and explore your interests so I figured now was probably my best opportunity to go to Japan.” She's even using her time to expand her extracurricular interests: “Since I miss being on the ballroom team and getting to dance all the time, I joined a club at Doshisha University that does a Kyoto style of dance called Kyoen Sodefure. We just performed at a student festival last weekend.”