International and Domestic Programs

Pomona College takes great care to partner with programs of outstanding reputation and quality. Students can choose to participate in two types of programs: Approved Programs or Programs by Petition. 

Learn more about the Pomona College Policy Regarding College-Funded International Student Travel.

What is an Approved Program?

Approved Programs are international and domestic program options approved by the International & Domestic Programs Committee (IDPC). These programs are screened and monitored to ensure continued quality. On most Approved Programs, an on-site director serves as the liaison between students and the host institution. The director coordinates orientation as well as co-curricular and extracurricular activities and can help with academic support and adjustments to student life and different academic systems.

Pomona College also designs & administers programs in partnership with universities and organizations abroad. They are open to Claremont Colleges undergraduate students only, with priority given to Pomona College students. Pomona Programs include: the Pomona College Cambridge Program at Jesus College (England), Pomona College Program at University of Edinburgh (Scotland), and Macalester-Pomona-Swarthmore Program: Globalization, the Environment and Society at University of Cape Town (South Africa). In addition, Pomona works in collaboration with providers for two programs in Japan: the Associated Kyoto Program, of which Pomona College is a consortium member, and the Middlebury School in Japan in Tokyo, which offers an intermediate language track exclusively designed for and offered to Pomona College students. 

Please note that exact program dates are often not available until after the application process is complete. The dates provided for each program are approximations; it is the student's responsibility to confirm exact program dates when making plans to participate.

What is a Program by Petition?

Programs by Petition are international and domestic programs that have not been pre-approved by the IDPC. Students whose academic needs are not met by the existing slate of Approved Programs may petition to apply for another program. In order to apply for a Program by Petition, students must first meet with an  International & Domestic Programs advisor to discuss their program of interest and submit a petition to the IDPC for approval.

All Pomona College international and domestic program policies and procedures outlined in this guide apply to students who participate in a Program by Petition, except as noted.