International & Domestic Programs Summer Opportunities

The International & Domestic Programs Office does not maintain a list of approved summer programs, however we recommend that students begin their search with the program providers with whom we regularly work. These providers are among the most reputable in the field, with strong health and safety protocols, academic quality, and student services. Students apply directly to the program provider for summer programs (there is no Pomona College application) and work with the Registrar’s Office to discuss credit transfer. The Registrar’s Office also completes any required home school/advisor approval form for summer programs. Please email with any questions regarding summer program credit and approval.

Summer programs offered by Pomona College international and domestic program partners

Additional Programs and Opportunities

You can find even more options through IIEPassport and other sites such as GoAbroad and StudyAbroad.

Funding for Summer Programs

Since Pomona College’s academic year does not include a summer term, the College does not offer financial aid for summer study abroad or in the U.S. Many of our program partners offer need- and merit-based scholarships, and there are a number of other scholarship resources as well. Please refer to our Scholarships page for more information.

Other College-sponsored International Opportunities During the Summer

Pomona College offers various opportunities for students to participate in academic and co-curricular activities over the summer in the U.S. and abroad. Please visit the following websites for more information.

Departmental Grants

*Note: This list is not comprehensive; students should consult with their faculty advisor or department chair to learn about any other departmental or subject-specific grants that may be available.