What Is an Approved Program?

Approved Programs

Pomona College takes great care to partner with programs of outstanding reputation and quality. See below for the list of programs approved by the International and Domestic Programs Committee (IDPC).

Domestic Programs


Atlanta, Georgia

Areas of Study Vary

Domestic Exchange: Spelman College

Spelman College is a historically Black college (HBCU) for women. The College provides a comprehensive list of fields of study in the fine arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. It is home to more than 85 clubs and organizations representing everything from professional, cultural and spiritual development, to recreation, sports clubs and volunteer services. Students can engage in leadership training and professional development through its Leadership Institute Training, participate in student media, and take courses in Psychology, Biology, Politics, Economics, English, and many more.

Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Areas of Study Vary

Domestic Exchange: Swarthmore College

Located 11 miles from Philadelphia, Swarthmore is located on 425 acres of the renowned Scott Arboretum, which boasts gardens and more than 4,000 plant varieties. It offers an array of arts programs, on- and off-campus student-led performances, and research opportunities in the natural sciences, social sciences, arts and the humanities, and engineering. Students can also take advantage of the Tri-College Consortium with Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges through cross enrollment. It offers more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations from their Boy Meets Tractor sketch comedy troupe to women's rugby. Students can also enjoy the nearby Parrish Beach or hop on the train (right on campus) for a quick ride into nearby Philadelphia.

Silicon Valley, California

Economics, Leadership, Internship, Research

Claremont McKenna College: Silicon Valley Program


The Silicon Valley Program (SVP) provides students with an off-campus study semester that integrates high-impact internship experience, related coursework, and professional development and networking opportunities. Students have worked in start-ups, established companies, and non-profit organizations.

Washington, District of Columbia

Government, Public Policy, Politics, Internship, Research

Claremont McKenna College: Washington Program 

There is no better way to learn about the intricacies of U.S. government and politics and their impact on the world than to spend a semester in Washington, D.C. While the U.S.’s capital is known for politics, it is also a leading hub for international exchange, political economy, arts, culture, history, and news media. In this program, students take two seminar courses, a full-time internship, and conduct an Independent Research Project.

Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Environmental Science, Ecology, Research, Biology, Chemistry, Math

Marine Biological Laboratory: Semester in Environmental Science

The Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) Semester in Environmental Science provides undergraduates the ability to study at a world-renowned scientific institution where scientists and students pursue research and education in diverse areas of fundamental biological discovery. Experience an intensive field and laboratory-based introduction to ecosystem science and the biogeochemistry of coastal forests, freshwater ponds and estuaries.

Tucson, Arizona

History, Latinx Studies, Migration Studies, Politics, Sociology, Spanish

Earlham College Border Studies Program

The Border Studies Program is centered in rigorous academic work, including classroom study, meaningful community engagement, and personal experiences and reflection. The program also includes a travel component, which may take students to central and southern Mexico, El Paso, and throughout the Arizona/Sonora borderlands.  Furthermore, students will be immersed in an extended field study placement (internship) with one of many community organizations and schools in the Tucson area. Language of instruction: English and Spanish.


Pomona College International Programs


These programs are open to 5C students, however, interested students need to contact their homeschool for approval to apply.

Kyoto, Japan

Areas of Study Vary

Associated Kyoto Program

Experience both classical and contemporary Japanese civilization in Kyoto and study Japanese language and culture. Languages of instruction: Japanese and English.

Tokyo, Japan

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Japan: Tokyo

In partnership with Middlebury Schools Abroad, Pomona College has established an opportunity for students with intermediate and advanced Japanese language proficiency to study for a semester or a year in Tokyo in the Middlebury School in Japan program. Students live with Japanese roommates, take classes at the Middlebury Center and at International Christian University (ICU).

South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Globalization, the Environment and Society

Macalester-Pomona-Swarthmore Program: Globalization, the Environment and Society at University of Cape Town

Centered on the theme of "Globalization, the Environment and Society," and based at the University of Cape Town, this program’s overall educational purpose is to enable participants to gain a deeper understanding of the natural world and its interconnections with human activity. This program is run by Pomona College, Macalester College, and Swarthmore College. Language of instruction: English.

United Kingdom

Cambridge, England

Areas of Study Vary

Pomona College Cambridge Program at Jesus College

The Pomona College Cambridge Program is hosted by Jesus College, one of the 31 colleges of the University of Cambridge. Jesus College, built around a 12th-century convent, incorporates some of the oldest buildings in Cambridge and is located on spacious grounds on the northeast side of the lovely university town of Cambridge, close to the River Cam. Language of instruction: English.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Areas of Study Vary

Pomona College Program at University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland since the 11th-century and home to the Scottish Parliament, is a compact city with a medieval core. The city has a population of roughly 440,000, and the university rests largely within the city center. The Pomona College Edinburgh Program offers students a wide range of subjects at University of Edinburgh, a large and diverse institution. Language of instruction: English.

Other Approved International Programs


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Argentina: Buenos Aires: Universidad Católica Argentina

At Buenos Aires’ Universidad Católica Argentina, experience the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and a major economic and political power in South America, known locally as "The Land of the Six Continents" for its geographic and climatic diversity and long and fascinating history. Language of instruction: Spanish.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Argentina: Buenos Aires: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Ciencias Sociales

Studying in Spanish, take courses at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Ciencias Sociales, one of the oldest, largest (over 200,000 students), and most prestigious public institutions in Latin America. Language of instruction: Spanish.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Argentina: Buenos Aires: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Filosofía y Letras

Take courses at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Filosofía y Letras in a city that rivals Paris, with its life, culture and European feel. Language of instruction: Spanish.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Argentina: Buenos Aires: Universidad Torcuato di Tella

Study at Universidad Torcuato di Tella, a small (1,600 student) private, non-profit undergraduate- and graduate-level institution born of a highly respected foundation and research institute a decade ago. Language of instruction: Spanish.


Yerevan, Armenia

Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program

American Councils (RLASP): Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program

Students enroll in intensive Russian language courses alongside area studies courses related to the program’s location, live with a host family, and engage with peer conversation partners. Language of instruction: Russian (optional Armenian language courses are also available).


Melbourne, Australia

Areas of Study Vary

IFSA-Butler - University of Melbourne

Students take courses on a range of subjects at the University of Melbourne and take one course focusing on Australian culture, which might be in areas such as film, history, literature, sociology, or politics. Language of instruction: English.

Townsville, Australia

Science, Engineering, Information Technology, Marine and Tropical Biology, Earth and Environment Sciences

Arcadia University - James Cook University

Along with science, engineering and information technology courses, students take one course focusing on Australian culture in an area such as literature, history, sociology, or anthropology. Language of instruction: English.


São Paulo, Brazil

Areas of Study Vary

CET Brazil: Social Justice

Build a foundation for understanding the dynamics of global poverty and inequality—both in and out of the classroom. Study social movements within Brazil, take Portuguese classes to better engage with the community, live with Brazilian roommates that give an access point into local life, and travel to Salvador da Bahia for experiential learning. Language of instruction: Portuguese and English.


Yaoundé, Cameroon

Development and Social Change

SIT Study Abroad Cameroon: Development and Social Change

This program examines critical issues affecting communities and people in Cameroon, West Africa, and the Global South. Students may choose an intensive French- or English-language program track. Alongside Cameroonian college students, students study project sustainability, funding sources, and beneficiary involvement in project design and implementation with development experts and high-profile political leaders. Focusing on three major sociocultural groups—Bamiléké, Bagyeli, and Anglophones—students will discover the complex relationships between development, modernization, and social change. The program includes educational excursions to gain firsthand knowledge of the topics discussed and an independent research project. Languages of instruction: English and French.

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Cameroon: Yaoundé

Based at the Université Catholique de l'Afrique Centrale, with all classes conducted entirely in French, students at the Middlebury School in Cameroon will be able to take courses in several disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, with direct enrollment as an option for more advanced students of French. Language of instruction: French.


Santiago, Chile

Areas of Study Vary

CIEE Liberal Arts Program in Santiago, Chile

Take a wide range of courses at three prestigious universities and immerse yourself in Spanish language and Chilean culture. Language of instruction: Spanish.


Cali, Colombia

Areas of Study Vary

CET Colombia

Study race, identity, and ethnicity through the Afro-Colombian lens in Cali—a city with the second largest population of African descent in South America. The program’s curriculum, developed in consultation with Howard University, examines these dynamics through sociopolitical, economic, artistic, and historical representations of race in Colombia. The program offers classes in Spanish and English for students at varied levels of Spanish proficiency. Prerequisite: Spanish 2, 22 or the equivalent. Language of instruction: Spanish and English.

Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Ecology and Conservation

CIEE Tropical Ecology and Conservation in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Study Spanish and explore Costa Rica’s diverse ecosystems and gain comprehensive insight into their conservation through theory, hands-on exposure, and direct experimentation. Languages of instruction: English and Spanish.


Havana, Cuba

Areas of Study Vary

Sarah Lawrence College in Havana

Cuba's unique blend of cultures from Africa, Europe and Asia, coupled with its unparalleled economic and political history, serve to create a fascinating and complex environment in which to study and live. The Sarah Lawrence College and the University of Havana serve as the host institutions for the program. Students live in a casa particular, a private residence. Language of instruction: Spanish.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Areas of Study Vary

DIS - Study Abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark

Over 200 courses as well as course-integrated study tours and trips. Pomona students are required to enroll in a Danish Language and Culture course. Languages of instruction: English and Danish.


Quito, Ecuador

Comparative Ecology and Conservation

SIT Study Abroad Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation

Students study: ecology/biology of Ecuador’s four distinct ecological regions: the Andes, the coast, the Amazon, and the Galápagos Islands; major plant and animal biological indicators and ecological adaptations; forestry and field techniques, research analysis and bio-statistics; local natural resource use; and Ecuador’s current environmental challenges. Language of instruction: Spanish.

Quito, Ecuador

Development, Politics, and Languages

SIT Study Abroad Ecuador: Development, Politics, and Languages

Students study: power and politics in Ecuador and official and counter discourses of development; how different groups in Ecuador conceptualize and talk about issues such as sustainability, tourism, the extractivist industry question, inclusion, and inter-ethnic relations; the impact of Ecuador’s development processes on the environment, discourses surrounding sustainability and tourism; the relationship between the language(s) of political power and social movements in Ecuador; indigenous languages, politics, interculturality, and inter-ethnic relations. Language of instruction: Spanish.


Montpellier, France

Areas of Study Vary

University of Minnesota: Language & Culture in Southern France (Advanced Track)

The administrative capital of Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier is steeped in Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance history. International theater, ballet, concerts, and museums add to the historic and cultural diversity of this regional center. Language of instruction: French.

Paris, France

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in France: Paris

Designed for students at an advanced level of French, the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in France provides opportunities to experience French culture in Paris, the cosmopolitan capital at the heart of France. Language of instruction: French.

Nantes, France

Areas of Study Vary

IES Abroad Nantes - French Language Immersion & Area Studies

Improve your written and verbal proficiency in French through language and area studies courses and teaching internships, and to introduce you to contemporary France and its role in the European Union. You can also experience what life is like for French students by taking one or more courses at a local French university. Language of instruction: French.


Berlin, Germany

Language and Area Studies

IES Abroad Berlin - Language & Area Studies

This is a home-stay program in the dynamic city of Berlin, a center of modern European history.  Designed to improve language skills, the city is your classroom, local faculty teach you and internships are an option. The prerequisites are four or more college-level German courses. Language of instruction: German.

Freiberg, Germany

European Union

IES Abroad European Union

Taught in English, the European Union program gives you the chance to study politics, economics, and international relations and features an integrative seminar that incorporates approximately 21 days of field study in numerous countries inside and outside of the EU. Language of instruction: English and German.

Freiburg, Germany

Language and Area Studies

IES Abroad Freiburg - Language & Area Studies

Immerse yourself in German language and culture at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg or other local academic institutions in the historic city of Freiberg, tucked at the foot of the Black Forest. Language of instruction: German.


Athens, Greece

Ancient Greek Studies, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, European and East Mediterranean Studies

College Year in Athens - Semester and Academic Year Program

Study across disciplines and visit sites relevant to ancient, medieval, and modern Greek history during faculty-led trips to the Peloponnese, Central Greece, and either Crete or Northern Greece. Languages of instruction: English and Greek.


Budapest, Hungary


St. Olaf College: Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

Budapest is home to a group of eminent mathematicians, from which the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics (BSM) program draws its professors. Students take three math courses, a Hungarian language course, and an elective with focus on Hungarian culture. Languages of instruction: English and Hungarian.

Budapest, Hungary

Computer Science & Software Engineering Program

Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT) Computer Science & Software Engineering Program

Designed for computer science and software engineering majors, and its faculty and staff are among the top scholars, designers, and teachers in Europe. Language of instruction: English and Hungarian.


Cork, Ireland

Areas of Study Vary

IFSA - University College Cork

University College Cork offers a wide selection of courses in many disciplines, ranging from Celtic studies, folklore and literature to economics and environmental science. Language of instruction: English.

Dublin, Ireland

Areas of Study Vary

IFSA - Trinity College Dublin

Focus on an area of study at Trinity College in English, history, political science, philosophy, psychology, biology, economics or drama. Language of instruction: English.

Areas of Study Vary

IFSA - University College Dublin Partnership, Ireland

Ireland’s largest university is also notably global in its mindset and welcoming to international students, who are invited to enroll in courses spanning numerous areas of study. University College Dublin (UCD) offers visiting STEM students the unique opportunity to participate in scientific research under the direction of local faculty. Language of instruction: English


Jerusalem, Israel

Areas of Study Vary

Rothberg International School - Undergraduate Study Abroad Program


Situated at the crossroads of East and West, Jerusalem is a city of powerful religious, political, and historical contrasts. Students study at the Hebrew University and take an intensive Hebrew course. There are special tracks available for students interested in art, music, and dance. Languages of instruction: English, Hebrew, and Arabic.


Florence, Italy

Areas of Study Vary

Syracuse University: Florence Center and University of Florence

The program, sponsored by Syracuse University, is located on the Piazza Savonarola, a beautiful 19th-century piazza and neighborhood in the northern section of Florence, only a 10-minute walk from downtown. A Studio Arts track is available to qualified students. Advanced Italian students have the option to take courses at the University of Florence. Languages of instruction: English and Italian.

Rome, Italy

Areas of Study Vary

Trinity College Rome Campus

The program is nestled among villas and gardens atop the Aventine, one of the seven hills of Ancient Rome, overlooking the Tiber River on one side and the Circus Maximus on the other.  The site is centrally located to Rome's major monuments, affording a wonderful integration of classwork with field study. Languages of instruction: English and Italian.

Rome, Italy


Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome (ICCS)

Duke’s ICCS Program provides students with an opportunity to study Classics in Rome. A core cultural and academic component of the program is The Ancient City course, which covers Roman archaeology and topography, aspects of social and urban history, and Roman civilization. Frequent site visits and explorations, intensive museum tours, and lectures are included as part of the course. Additionally, electives allow students to study Italian as well as Latin or Greek. Language of instruction: English, Greek, Italian and Latin.


Amman, Jordan

Geopolitics, International Relations, and the Future of the Middle East

SIT Study Abroad Jordan: Geopolitics, International Relations, and the Future of the Middle East

Students study: How geography shapes politics, shifts power, and impacts international relations in the Middle East; The impact of political crises on social organization, the economy, and human ecology in the Middle East; Territorial conflict and state sovereignty, international intervention, and international relations; The underpinnings of the Arab Spring on politics and society in Jordan and neighboring countries; Internal, regional, and international arenas examined through an experiential learning model; The impact of Palestinian, Iraqi, and Syrian immigrants and refugees, now two thirds of Jordan’s population; Theory and practice of peace psychology and contributions of psychological analyses of foreign policy, international conflict, and conflict resolution to the understanding of international relations; The role of Jordan as a peace broker in the region and the effects of diplomacy and international relations in conflict resolution; Languages of instruction: Arabic and English.

Amman, Jordan

Areas of Study Vary

SIT Study Abroad Jordan: Refugees, Health, and Humanitarian Action

Witness the humanitarian response to the regional refugee crisis, focusing on refugee health, and explore the effects of the influx of refugees to Europe during a Switzerland excursion. Languages of instruction: Arabic and English.

Amman, Jordan

Language and Area Studies

Middlebury School in the Middle East: Jordan (Amman)

The Middlebury School in the Middle East-Jordan is based at the University of Jordan, Jordan’s oldest public 4-year institution of higher education, established in 1962, with a strong emphasis on research, and a rich background in liberal arts. Students select from a small range of courses taught by local faculty to program students, live with a host family, and participate in a language pledge. Language of instruction: Arabic.


Almaty, Kazakhstan

Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program

American Councils (RLASP): Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Program

Students enroll in intensive Russian language courses alongside area studies courses related to the program’s location, live with a host family, and engage with peer conversation partners. Language of instruction: Russian (optional Kazakh language courses are also available).


Kisumu, Kenya

Global Health and Human Rights

SIT Study Abroad Kenya: Global Health and Human Rights

Students study: housing policies and practices in Kenya and their implication for health and human rights; Kenyan healthcare systems and healthcare challenges, including demographics, public health education, differential access to healthcare; health issues in Kenya, including HIV/AIDS, health issues of orphaned and vulnerable children, women’s healthcare needs, and mental healthcare; links between access to and reliance on Kenyan healthcare services and the conceptions of human rights of individuals and communities; and successful coalition-building efforts, civil society organizations, the private sector, and others pursuing community-based approaches to myriad contemporary issues. Languages of instruction: English and Kiswahili.


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Area of Study Vary

Bard Abroad in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

This program offers students a unique opportunity to study side by side, in English, with peers from 25 different countries at the region's most prestigious university. Students enroll directly in university courses and live in either a residence hall or a homestay. Languages of instruction: English and Russian.


Mérida, Mexico

Areas of Study Vary

IFSA-Butler - Merida Universities Program

Ranked as the top public university in Mexico, the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY) is a high quality, fulfilling academic environment located in the beautiful city of Mérida. Language of instruction: Spanish.


Rabat, Morocco

Areas of Study Vary

IES Study in Rabat

Students at start with an Intensive Introduction to colloquial Moroccan Arabic during orientation. During the semester, students are required to take Modern Standard Arabic and elective courses, with options including Colloquial Moroccan Arabic, English- or French-taught IES Abroad area studies courses, French- or Arabic-taught courses at the Université Mohammed V (for students with advanced language proficiency), and an Internship/Social Action Seminar. Languages of instruction: English, Arabic and French.

Rabat, Morocco

Multiculturalism and Human Rights

SIT Study Abroad Morocco: Human Rights, Social Justice, and Cultural Transformation

Students study the interplay between authoritarianism and human rights; tensions between secular and religious approaches to individual freedoms; liberal reforms (proposed and enacted) in areas such as ethnicity, women’s rights, and state violence. Languages of instruction: English and Arabic.


Kathmandu, Nepal

Language and Area Studies

Pitzer College in Nepal

Regular features of the Kathmandu program include intensive Nepali language study, a homestay program placing students in close contact with Nepalese daily life, and a trek and village homestay in the Himalayas. Languages of instruction: English and Nepali.

New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand

Earth Systems

Frontiers Abroad: Earth Systems

Students enroll at Christchurch’s University of Canterbury’s academic departments and take a humanities or social science course with New Zealand content. Language of instruction: English.

Christchurch, New Zealand


Frontiers Abroad: Geology

Students study the country's geology history, active volcanoes, and active plate boundaries, among other subjects. Following the field camp, students enroll full-time at the University of Canterbury and take their courses with Kiwi students.  Language of instruction: English.


Kigali, Rwanda

Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding

SIT Study Abroad Rwanda: Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding

Students study: the origins of conflict, ethnicity, and genocidal outbreak in Rwanda; the institutional and collective strategies of remembrance or forgetting, and strategies to fight denial; the social and psychological impact of genocide on survivors and their descendants; national and international involvement in genocide prevention and peacebuilding; interrelations between peace, justice, reconciliation and forgiveness; refugees and displaced people in post-conflict environments; and Rwandan history and culture. Languages of instruction: English and Kinyarwanda.​

South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Areas of Study Vary

CIEE Arts and Sciences Program in Cape Town, South Africa

At the University of Cape Town, study a range of disciplines and reflect upon the complexities and challenges facing the new South Africa. Language of instruction: English.

South Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Areas of Study Vary

CIEE Arts and Sciences Program in Seoul, South Korea

The wide range of academic offerings in English and Korean at Yonsei University is just the beginning; students learn about their host country through organized excursions, university clubs, volunteering, and short- or long-term homestays. Language of instruction: English and Korean.


Córdoba, Spain

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Spain: Córdoba

Students enroll at La Universidad de Córdoba, perfecting Spanish competency through guided language immersion and facilitated social and cultural integration. Language of instruction: Spanish.

Granada, Spain

Areas of Study Vary

IES Abroad Granada: Study in Granada

Students in the Intermediate Program take IES Abroad courses in both English and Spanish. The Advanced Program courses are conducted entirely in Spanish, including study at the Universidad de Granada. Both options provide a unique perspective on Spain's links to North Africa, Islamic and Jewish studies, and Art and Architectural History. Language of instruction: Spanish (and English, for intermediate program).

Logroño, Spain

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Spain: Logroño

Logroño is a vibrant city of 110,000 located in the wine-making region of La Rioja, in the north-central part of Spain, where the Castillian language has its roots. Students enroll at the Universidad de la Rioja, immersing themselves in Spanish language, regional culture and cuisine in a location with very few English speakers. Language of instruction: Spanish.

Madrid, Spain

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Spain: Madrid (Autónoma)

Study at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid while integrating into the Spanish language and culture. Language of instruction: Spanish.

Madrid, Spain

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Spain: Madrid (Carlos III)

Study at La Universidad Carlos III in Getafe, a city of 100,000 located just 20 minutes south of Madrid by train. Students experience Spanish university life while still benefiting from the cultural and social attractions of the capital. Students typically live in Madrid and commute to campus each day by train. Language of instruction: Spanish.

Madrid, Spain

Areas of Study Vary

Middlebury School in Spain: Madrid (Sede Prim)

Students take courses at the Sede Prim in Madrid, the headquarters of the Middlebury School in Spain. Language of instruction: Spanish.

Salamanca, Spain

Areas of Study Vary

IES Abroad Salamanca - Study in Salamanca

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, Salamanca is the most important university city in Spain and is known for its contributions to Spanish language education. The program is linked to the Universidad de Salamanca (USAL), the oldest university in Spain and one of the most prestigious in Europe. Language of instruction: Spanish.

Sri Lanka

Kandy, Sri Lanka

Areas of Study Vary

IFSA Study in Sri Lanka: Research

The IFSA Study in Sri Lanka: Research program is based at the University of Peradeniya, just outside of Kandy. Through the program's core seminar, language classes, electives, and the independent study project (ISP), students examine the history, cultures, politics, environment, and society of Sri Lanka in depth. Living with homestay families facilitates deeper immersion into Sri Lankan society and gives students an opportunity to form meaningful connections within the local community. Languages of instruction: English, Sinhala, and Tamil.​


Taipei, Taiwan

Areas of Study Vary

CET Taiwan in Taipei, Taiwan

Students take intensive Chinese language classes in small groups, intern with local companies and organizations, live with Taiwanese roommates, and participate in local immersion activities. Language of instruction: Chinese and English.


Moyo Hill Camp, Tanzania

Biology and Environmental Analysis

The School for Field Studies - Wildlife Management Studies

In this field-based program, students examine complex current environmental issues in Tanzania through fieldwork and research. While all coursework is taught in English, students also take a Swahili language and culture course along with other environmentally-focused classes. The semester culminates with a faculty-mentored research project, developed in close collaboration with local communities. Language of instruction: English and Swahili.

United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Areas of Study Vary 

IFSA - University College London

The oldest and largest institution within the University of London (UL), University College London (UCL) is a member of Britain's prestigious Russell Group of universities. At UCL, students take an informed and innovative approach to problem solving and tackle global issues from multiple perspectives in classes across a broad range of disciplines. Spring only. Language of instruction: English.

London, United Kingdom

Performing & Visual Arts, Theatre

Sarah Lawrence College - London Theatre Program (BADA)

In partnership with the British Academy of Dramatic Arts (BADA) and Sarah Lawrence College, this intensive conservatory theatre program offers students the opportunity to study acting, theatre history, and theatre criticism with leading British theatre artists. The program provides tickets to some of London’s best plays and students will have their own experience performing in a professional theatre. An audition is required as part of the application process. Language of instruction: English.

Oxford, United Kingdom

Areas of Study Vary

IFSA - Oxford University: Lady Margaret Hall

At Lady Margaret Hall at the University of Oxford, students are taught in the tutorial system.  Students meet once a week with their tutors in one-on-one tutorials, or in small groups.  Courses are taught for three terms (one academic year), usually a primary course of eight tutorials in the major subject, and four tutorials in the minor subject during each term.  Language of instruction: English.

Oxford, United Kingdom

Areas of Study Vary

IFSA - Oxford University: St. Edmund Hall

St. Edmund Hall at Oxford University was founded c. 1278 and is centrally located off the High Street in Queen's Lane. The college has 400 undergraduate and 175 graduate students. This is a full year program emphasizing highly individualized learning through the tutorial system. Language of instruction: English.