The Wade Family Anthropology Field School Fund

Established in 2003 by the Wade family to honor the class of 2002, the purpose of this endowment is to provide financial support for continuing students who wish to pursue a summer field school program in Anthropology. A field school can be crucial in helping students gain self-confidence in their abilities and make intelligent choices about their post-graduate lives.

Funds awarded must be used for tuition, room, board and other fees associated with a national or international field school program or field experience. Students may use the funds to fully pay for a field school program or use the funds in conjunction with their own resources to attend a program they could not otherwise afford. Preference will be given to declared anthropology majors and those who plan to attend anthropological field school programs that will contribute to a student's major (e.g. field schools in ethnography, archaeology, primatology, forensic anthropology). Students must be accepted into a field school in order to be eligible for this award, however, applications for this award should be submitted by the Pomona College SURP deadline even if you haven't received notification about acceptance into a field school program. The number of awards per year is limited only by the endowment income for that year. The maximum awarded per grant is $2,000.

Award recipients must make a public presentation of the field school experience to faculty and students of the Anthropology department (or related program based on the student's major) during the fall semester following receipt of the grant.

Applications should include

  1. A two-to-three page proposal that clearly indicates: the focus of the field school and significance of the experience for the student's education in their major; the amount of time that the project will take; the expected outcome.
  2. A detailed budget indicating the exact amount of the award requested.
  3. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member, including a brief evaluation of the student's qualifications to do the proposed field work
  4. An official transcript.

Members of the Anthropology Department will review and rank applications. The highest ranked applicant(s) accepted into a field school program he/she plans to attend will receive the award(s).

Deadline for Submitting Proposals

Send proposals to the Anthropology Department Chair via E-mail.