The College has several competitive programs that offer students and faculty the opportunity to collaborate on scholarly work. Research projects can be undertaken with continuing faculty (those on tenure-track or rolling contracts). Summer projects can vary from four to ten weeks in length. Some of the summer programs involve continued work during the school year. Student participants in the summer research programs present the results of their projects at the Pomona College Summer Research Poster Conference at the beginning of Fall semester. Proposals must be submitted by the deadline and are reviewed by the Faculty Research Committee. The Committee decisions are sent to both students and professors by email. Because the application procedure differs for research assistants and independent summer research projects, it is important to read the application instructions provided below carefully. A student/faculty pair may apply to more than one program simultaneously as long as the requirements of each application are met. The online application procedure and deadline will be announced to all Pomona faculty and students by email in January each year. The application deadline is in early February, and SURPs are awarded beginning in March.

Research Assistantships

This program provides grant(s) to faculty members to support Pomona College student(s) as summer research assistant(s). Only continuing faculty (those on tenure-track or rolling contract) are eligible to participate in this program. Students interested in working on a Pomona College faculty member's research should contact the Pomona College faculty member with whom they would like to work. Summer research assistants are hourly employees who earn $10.00 an hour, not to exceed a total of $400 a week. The duration of the position is determined by the amount of support awarded to the Professor. The faculty member may apply for additional funding of up to $500 for supplies, travel, or subject payments as part of the research assistantship application package. Pomona College Faculty members will be notified as soon as the on-line application system is up and running and additional information about the application process will be provide on this webpage.

Independent Summer Research Grants for Students

This program provides a grant to a student to pursue his/her own research agenda with frequent and substantive faculty mentoring. If you are applying for an independent grant, you must demonstrate that you have had courses on research design that are relevant to your proposed project. The stipend for a ten-week research project is $4,000. Stipends for projects awarded less than 10 weeks of funding will be prorated at $400 per week. Research involving human subjects must be approved by the Pomona College Institutional Review Board. All continuing Pomona College faculty are eligible as mentors, as are faculty in the five-college academic programs. During the term of the award, students are expected to engage in full-time research. These grants are available to students in any field of study.

Students participating as research assistants or pursuing independent projects in the summer research program, present their research at the annual Pomona College Summer Research Poster Conference at the beginning of the Fall semester.