Prof. Sergio de la Mora, UCD at OLC

Each semester, Oldenborg invites noted scholars, writers, activists, and professionals to speak on topics of cultural and international interest during the lunch hour. To suggest a speaker, call or email Assistant Director,  Julie Dale at (909) 607-1159.

5C students swipe for lunch and 7C faculty and staff may sign-in for Oldenborg Dining Hall access. Community members may attend at Oldenborg's discretion and incur a charge.

Fall 2018 Schedule

Friday, September 7
Trump vs AMLO: Migration Politics in the US and Mexico after a Revolutionary Election
John Ackerman, Professor at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
Co-sponsored by the History Department and the Latin American Studies Program

Friday, September 14
Can Learning a Foreign Language Advance Your Research & Career
Mokaya Bosire, Director of Swahili Program, University of Oregon
Co-sponsored by the Linguistics and Cognitive Science Department

Thursday, September 20
EnviroLab Asia Summer Research Reportback
Allison Joseph, SCR '20​; Laura Zhang, PO '19; Marcus Liu, PO '20; Eugine Choo, PO '19
Co-sponsored by EnviroLab Asia

Wednesday, September 26
A Certain Quantity of Conversations 
Kim Scheon, Independent Artist
Co-sponsored by the German and Russian Department

Thursday, October 11
Navigating Cultural Diplomacy: REES Summer Grant Recipients in Poland, Cuba, and Russia
Kamil Lungu, PO '20​; Taylor Jackson, CMC '21; Laura González Meriño, PO '19
Co-sponsored by the German and Russian Department

Thursday, October 18
The Challenges of Writing about a Fast-Changing China: A Dialog between a Historian and a Journalist-Turned-Novelist 
Adam Brookes, former China correspondent for the BBC & Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Chancellor's Professor of History at UC Irvine
Co-sponsored by the History Department

Tuesday, October 30
Music & Ethnicity in China: Folksong Politics on China's Borderlands
Charlotte D'Evelyn, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Pomona College
Co-sponsored by the Music Department

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