Prof. Sergio de la Mora, UCD at OLC

Each semester, Oldenborg invites noted scholars, writers, activists, and professionals to speak on topics of cultural and international interest during the lunch hour. To suggest a speaker, call or email Assistant Director,  Julie Dale at (909) 607-1159.

5C students swipe for lunch and 7C faculty and staff may sign-in for Oldenborg Dining Hall access. Community members may attend at Oldenborg's discretion and incur a charge.

Spring 2019 Schedule

Monday, January 28 
The Feminist Awakening in China
Leta Hong Fincher, Author
Co-sponsored by the History Department and the Asian Studies Program

Monday, February 4
Do What You Want: Students and the Job Market
Ralf Saborrosch,  Resident Director, Year of Study in Munich
Co-sponsored by the German and Russian Department

Tuesday, February 5
Globalization in Latin America's Hinterland: Case of a Bilingual Afro-Hispanic Community of Colombia
Armin Schwegler, professor, University of California Irvine
Co-sponsored by the Anthropology Department, the Linguistics and Cognitive Science Department

Thursday, February 7
Poetry Reading: Amazonia, Yakumama (and other Mythical Beings)
Juan Carlos Galeano, Poet/Author/Filmmaker
Co-sponsored by Latin American Studies

Tuesday, February 12
Brexit and the British Constitutional Crisis
David Andrews, Professor, Scripps College
Co-sponsored by the European Union Center

Thursday, February 14
2018 Iberian and Rosen Grant Recipients Presentation
Xingyu (Shirley) Liu, PO'19
Anikka Villegas, PO'19

Friday, February 15
2018 Oldenborg Grant Recipients Presentation
Natalie Slater, PO'19
Paige Pepitone, PO'19​

Monday, February 18
What's in a Name?: Beidahuang and Its Reincarnations
Xiaopoing Sun, professor, Saint Mary's University (Canada)
Co-sponsored by the Asian Studies Program, the History Department

Tuesday, February 19
Anti-racism in Latin America
Monica Moreno Figueroa, professor, University of Cambridge
Co-sponsored by the History Department

Tuesday, February 26
Singing to Buddha: The Case of a Buddhist Rock Band in Islamic Indonesia
Jack Meng-Tat Chia, Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley
Co-sponsored by the Asian Studies Program, Religious Studies

Thursday, February 28
Kevin Fret, Transloca
Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, Associated Professor, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
Co-sponsored by the Latin American Studies Draper Fund and the Department of Romance Languages & Literatures

Friday, March 1
Citizen Activism and the Nuclear Industry
Dr. Allison Campbell; Dr. Kate Brown; Dr. Caitlin Stronell; Dr. Mankei Tam
Co-sponsored by the Chemistry Department, the History Department, Envirolab Asia

Thursday, March 7
Celebration of Nowruz (Vernal Equinox/ Persian New Year)
featuring Persian cuisine and live music
Co-sponsored by the Humanities Studio and the History Department

Monday, April 1
The Challenges of Hosting Syrian Refugees in Jordan
Bayan Abdulhaq, Director,  School for International Training (SIT)
Co-sponsored by the The Office of Study Abroad (OSA)

Tuesday, April 9
Eating Tomorrow: Agribusiness, Family Farmers, and the Battle for the Future of Food
Timothy A. Wise, Senior Researcher, Tufts University
Co-sponsored by the Politics Department

Monday, April 29
Keeping It Blue on Top of the World: Modern Challenges of Water Management in Lake Titicaca
Javier Bojorquez Gandarillas, Assistant Professor, Universidad Andina Nestor Caceres Velasquez in Juliaca
Co-sponsored by the Politics Department

Tuesday, April 30
The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire:  A Symposium
Gary Kates (professor of History), Virginie Duzer (associate professor of Romance Languages and Literatures), Judson Emerick (emeritus professor of Art History), Pomona College
Co-sponsored by the History department, Romance Languages and Literatures department, Art History department

Thursday, May 2
Jews and Muslims Refuse to be Enemies: Coalition Building between Minorities in Europe
Armin Langer, PhD Student, Humboldt University of Berlin
Co-sponsored by the Religious Studies Program, the International Relations Program, the History Department, the Department of German and Russian

Tuesday, May 7
Conversations Courses: A Roundtable with the Language Residents
Jing Xu, Eloise Raoul, Ivan Lucic, Ayaka Matsuo, Mykyta Tyshchenko, Jose Gomez, Hugo Briones
Co-sponsored by the Foreign Language Resource Center

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