Sarah Etuk ’19

Sarah Etuk

Sarah is a junior and neuroscience major from New York City. She served as a sponsor her sophomore year and works at the Pomona College Women’s Union. She spent the summer before her junior year working in the chemistry department with the Ball Lab. Her favorite book is Between the World and Me and is passionate about serving her communities. She enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends, and visiting art museums.

Alejandro Guerrero ’19

Alejandro Guerrero

Born in Hidalgo, Mexico, but raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Alejandro is a first-generation, DACA-mented junior. He spends a fair amount of his serving as a Resident Advisor, organizing off-campus events through Pomona Events Committee, and acting as junior class president. His passion for medicine is driven by the intersection of culture and society as factors that influence health and promotion of basic human rights. Alejandro is always more than happy to talk about his experience at Pomona, advice for long-boarding, or the newest episode of Game of Thrones.

Eric Smith ’19

Eric Smith

Eric is a member of the Pomona-Pitzer football team. In addition, Eric enjoys volunteering at Pomona Valley Hospital, is a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, and works for the Pomona-Pitzer Events Staff. In his spare time, you can find him deeply engrossed in the most recent season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

Anne Berhe ’20

Anne Berhe

Anne is a first-generation Pomona College student who was born and raised in Southern California. She enjoys the beach, likes trying new foods, and hopes to run a marathon one day. She's on the pre-health path because she wants to become a doctor in underserved communities such as those that she's from—anywhere from Inglewood to Eritrea. When she isn't in a lab you can find her volunteering at a local hospital, working as a student trainer for Pomona-Pitzer Athletics, or hanging out with friends.

Annika Kim ’20

Annika Kim

My motivation to pursue a pre-health career is grounded in my drive to help people make progress towards leading healthier, happier lives. I am interested in genetic diseases, health policies, and neuropsychiatric disorders. You can find me speaking at podiums with The Claremont Colleges debate team, playing pretend onstage, kickboxing, or snowboarding at Mt. High or Tahoe!

Anne Price ’20

Anne Price

Annie is a member of the class of 2020 from Naperville IL. At Pomona, she is a member of the women's lacrosse team, ASPC, tour guides, and works at the outdoor education center. She is premed/pre-MPH and interested in public policy analysis biology major. Also, butterfly cookies.

Ja’Nea James ’21

Ja’Nea James ’21

Ja'Nea was born and raised in Alabama (#RollTide) by a family full of women. While growing up, she spent a tremendous amount of time with her grandmother, a former CNA, due to her mother's intense work hours. She became interested in the healthcare field from watching her grandmother tend to people in need and hearing stories about her grandmother's passion to care for others. In addition to being a Pre-Health Liaison at Pomona, Ja'Nea is a QSC partner, OBSA mentor, and participates in service projects with the Draper center. In her free time you can catch her having intuitive discussions with her friends, reading, or watching reruns of Living Single.

Jaime Gonzalez ’21

Jaime Gonzalez ’21

Jaime is a sophomore from Dorado, Puerto Rico. At Pomona, he is a member and mentor of the Pomona Science Scholars cohort as well as a member of the Claremont Caballeros. He is interested in the molecular biology major and in pursuing an MD/PhD to become a physician-scientist later on. He is fascinated by the physician-scientist career as it consolidates all aspects of translational science for the betterment of human health. His other interests include watching movies (avid movie buff), sports like football (American) and football (international), and beaches (tropical).

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