Prehealth Advising

Prehealth Advising provides guidance and resources to Pomona College students and alumni interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. We work closely with students to explore different healthcare careers and to tailor academic schedules to meet prerequisites of health profession schools.  Prehealth Advising assists students seeking research and clinical opportunities on- and off-campus. 

Pomona College is uniquely poised to help its prehealth students thrive academically, personally, and professionally. Our goal is to build a strong holistic foundation for a career in healthcare.

  • Academically: Through the course of a liberal arts education, Pomona College offers an exceptionally strong science program with extensive laboratory experience and close faculty/student interaction.
  • Personally: Pomona prehealth students form a close-knit and supportive community on campus, led by our student Prehealth Liaisons.  Students are encouraged to get involved in activities that align with their passions such as prehealth clubs, volunteering, and community engagement programs. We also encourage students to study abroad to enhance their understanding of other world cultures.
  • Professionally: Students can take advantage of research projects through SURP or at nearby places such as City of Hope cancer center. They may also volunteer in Pomona or the Los Angeles area serving a diverse population. Strong networking opportunities exist when Pomona alumni reach back to help a fellow Sagehen.

We are committed to your career exploration and helping you select and plan the best path for you. Prehealth advising is available for Pomona College students and alumni with the Prehealth Advising Director, Katrina Keil, and Chair of the Health Sciences Committee, Richard Lewis. Appointments can be scheduled using the online links above.

We encourage you to Explore, Prepare and Apply with us.