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Apply to Health Profession Programs

Applying to health profession programs is an involved process requiring attention to detail and the compilation of a number of materials. Before starting the application process, you should have reviewed the Self-Assessment Guide, explored the field, prepared academically and personally.

Pomona Process Applicant Timeline 2020-2021

We assist both students and alumni applying to health professions programs with a review of your application materials, access to a mock interview, and collection and submission of your letters of recommendations. Students and alumni within three years of graduation may also request a committee letter for medical and dental schools.

Fill out the Prehealth Advising Intent to Apply form if you are planning to apply in Summer 2021 For Matriculation in Fall 2022. We will include you in our communications and provide you with detailed instructions on how to participate in The Pomona Process.

Here is an overview of the Pomona Process timeline for medical school.  Please download the Applicant Information Packet for further instructions.

Date Event Details
9/10/2020 "Am I Ready to Apply to Medical School?'- Virtual Session Recording available 
9/24/2020 Virtual Applicant Kick-off Meeting Mandatory for all applicants. Webinar & Recording available 
10/8/2020 Prehealth Virtual Personal Statement Workshop Skill building and strategy
 TBD Prehealth Write-Ins @ Writing Center Complete applicant profile and personal statement draft
11/2/2020 Draft due: applicant profile, personal statement draft, unofficial transcript  Applies to applicants requesting a committee letter only 
11/2020 Preliminary Applicant Meeting: one-on-one meeting to access your candidacy  This meeting is to help you develop test taking plans and application strategy   

Request Letters of Recommendation 

Create veCollect accounts to access credential service

Early request encouraged to get quality letters
1/29/2021 DUE: Finalized Applicant Profile materials and most recent transcripts Submit your profile to help the Committee develop interview questions that accurately reflect your competency
02/2021 Health Sciences Committee Interview: a practice interview and opportunity for the Health Sciences Committee to gain additional insight into an applicant’s candidacy Applies to applicants requesting a committee letter only.
02/28/2021 DUE: Minimum Three Letters of Recommendation Applies to applicants requesting a committee letter only.



Deciding Where to Apply Meeting Webinar & Recording available for off-campus students and alumni



How to Apply Meeting: Centralized Application Service Mandatory for all applicants. Webinar & Recording available for off-campus students and alumni



Prehealth Write-In  Last chance to review your personal statement with peers from the Writing Center.
04/31/2021 DUE: Re-applicant/Alumni Updates Applies to applicants requesting a committee letter only.
05/31/2021 DUE: All Letters of Recommendation  
06/2021 Application Submissions to Health Professional program  
07/01/2021 Committee Letter Package Delivered