Apply to Health Profession Programs

Applying to health profession programs is an involved process requiring attention to detail and the compilation of a number of materials. Before starting the application process, you should have reviewed the AAMC Self-Assessment Guide, explored the field, prepared academically and personally.

Pomona Process Applicant Timeline 2023-2024

We assist both students and alumni applying to health professions programs with a review of your application materials, access to a mock interview, and collection and submission of your letters of recommendations. Students and alumni within three years of graduation may also request a committee letter for medical and dental schools.

Fill out the Prehealth Advising Intent to Apply form if you are planning to apply in Summer 2024 For Matriculation in Fall 2025. We will include you in our communications and provide you with detailed instructions on how to participate in The Pomona Process.

Please download the Applicant Information Packet  for further instructions and an overview of the Pomona Process timeline through this academic year. You will need to login to your Pomona Box account to access the packet.