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President Starr addresses the crowd at Bridges Auditorium during her inauguration ceremony

Inauguration of President G. Gabrielle Starr

Pomona College, October 14, 2017

“We must yield respect, and walk a humble path forward, recalling that we are on the paths we walk because others stepped before us; let us choose our own steps wisely as we seek our Pomona together.”

President G. Gabrielle Starr delivers her speech "Pomona Now" at the 2017 Convocation Ceremony 

2017 Convocation: Pomona Now

Pomona College, August 29, 2017

"Let us together make Pomona Now our shelter, our home, our field, our worlds. Let us make our words count. Let us open wide our fields and minds, so that Pomona Now will be stronger, better and wiser, together." 

President Starr's message regarding her selection as the 10th president of Pomona College.

Introducing G. Gabrielle Starr, 10th President of Pomona College

Pomona College, December 8, 2016

“In fact, what Pomona does is give access to the true inheritance of humankind. Whether it's our history, culture, our sense of inquiry, innovation, our search for knowledge that is fundamentally unquenchable... It’s a path that we walk together toward the future we will make for ourselves. And it is the right one. That's why I'm honored, in fact to be here, and to be Pomona's 10th president.”

President G. Gabrielle Starr and UC Berkeley Professor of Philosophy Alva Nöe discuss the intersection between neuroscience and art. 

Debate: Can Neuroscience Help Us Understand Art? 

NYU Center for Mind, Brain and Consciousness, December 23, 2015

“When I say I’m engaging in cognitive neuroscience of aesthetics, it means something quite particular... we combine behavioral investigation with various forms of neuroimaging, from fMRI to EEG, and also looking at neuromuscular responses, cortical excitability, it’s a range of things that go on the brain.”

President G. Gabrielle Starr presents at the 2015 Why the Humanities Conference.

Neither Immersion nor Distraction: How We Engage the Arts
Why the Humanities Conference – Kent State University, July 9, 2015 

“I want to talk about how we can approach the arts using a combination of tools. I think criticism is the best way to learn about the arts themselves. But, to learn more about how the arts move us and the function of the arts or the role the arts may play…neuroscience and criticism together make a very powerful combination.”

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