Disruptive Actions and our Community

Dear Pomona College Community,

Pomona has a long tradition of activism, and we uphold the right to protest in line with the demonstration policy shared across The Claremont Colleges.

As part of that commitment, we intervene in protests when the actions of those who participate are outside those policies, and impede the rights of others in our community.

Actions by some protestors in recent days have met that threshold, as masked participants have repeatedly followed admission tour groups around campus and used amplifying devices that drown out all surrounding speech.

This harassment targeting visitors to our campus is unacceptable under our longstanding Student Code, and it is subject to disciplinary action.

The disruptive behavior on our campus has also taken place while participants have masked their identity. While we understand that students may fear doxing for expressing their beliefs, refusing to provide identification when asked is unacceptable, and we will not permit it.

As is expected of all members of our community, protesters must cooperate in showing identification when requested by Campus Safety, Student Affairs and other campus administrators. We need to be able to quickly determine whether someone on our campus is a student or someone not affiliated with our community.

In addition, protestors must refrain from disrupting campus tours, events, lectures and other gatherings, and they must refrain from persistently following or harassing participants in those activities. These are all forms of impermissible conduct under the Student Code.

Violations will result in judicial proceedings under our established policies. In addition, individuals who refuse to provide identification or to stop disrupting events or tours when directed to by Campus Safety or a campus administrator will be asked to leave campus immediately.

We will continue to offer opportunities for dialogue and we affirm the right to free speech. As a college community, we are obligated to provide an environment where members of our community can pursue their education and work without harassment and disrespect.

We will uphold open discourse and our conduct standards as both are necessary for our academic community to thrive.


G. Gabrielle Starr, President

Avis Hinkson, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students