Grief: Message Regarding Attacks in Israel

The horrific reports that are flooding the news of the terrorist attacks in Israel become more wrenching with each day; these events have opened wounds that will not heal for decades, and the violence is ongoing. I joined many members of our community this week in vigil and prayer for those murdered, wounded, and in fear in these dark days in homes and families throughout Israel and Gaza, and beyond.

The trauma we are witnessing affects us all deeply, especially those of us with family and friends in the region. As we go about our days, I ask that you walk gently with each other, and that as a Pomona community we show our care and compassion. Help heal the wounded, give comfort to all in need, and do your part to bring a more peaceful world for us all, and for those children yet to come.

The message from our chaplains this week, reshared below, offered resources to our community, and I urge you to take advantage of them should you be in need.


Yours in grief,