The Road Ahead

Dear Pomona College Community,

At this tense moment, while we are watching and waiting for the outcome of the US. election, I’m writing to connect with you about the days ahead.

The United States is divided over politics and policies that have the potential to improve or disrupt our lives in countless ways. We are living in a time when so many are experiencing pain and frustration at what seems to be daily innovations in acrimony and injustice in our world. At the same time, students are living away from campus in this time of COVID-19 and the need for physical distancing.

In these circumstances, we need to stand together as never before. This is the moment to support one another, hear one another and be there for one another in every way we can. We can and must be a community of caring and mutual respect, across generations and geography and every type of perceived divide. 

As we stand together, we also must continue to stand up, whether for international students who contribute so much to our nation or against racism and systemic injustice. We will push forward to advance opportunity and equity. We can and will change things for the better in the years ahead through our dynamic and engaged academic community. I’m optimistic about that, no matter our political divisions. 

In the meantime, as we learn more in the coming days, please do not try to carry the weight of the world on your own.

As Sagehens, as always, we are in this together.



President Starr