Paul Kiefer ’20
“In a few important ways, Morocco did not feel especially foreign to me. It is a Muslim country, and I am a Muslim. It is largely an Arabic-speaking country, and I speak enough Arabic to navigate comfortably.”
David Song ’20
“When conversing with my small group, I was given the opportunity to take a deeper dive into what authentic Hong Kong life is like.”
Ethen Lund '19 - Amman, Jordan
"Coming to Amman, I knew that gender dynamics would be more pronounced in a Muslim country, but was surprised by the extent of the divide."
Cai (left) and Hungarian friend connect over shared love of Falcons and Hungarian language.
"In any foreign country, speaking to locals in their native language will instantly win you some favor; however, this is especially true in Hungary."
Maabena Jessica Debrah at the University of Salamanca
"Meeting locals in Salamanca is made incredibly easy by the IES program and the community of Salamanca, whether you like to meet people through sports, bars, or classes."
Ashley Land on Study Abroad in Spain
“Ever since I was little, I have wanted to go to Spain,” says Ashley Land '16, a media studies major studying in Salamanca, Spain, through the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) program.