Sustainability & Environmental Clubs Across the 5Cs: A Rundown

If you’re a student interested in the environment, there’s a club for you at the 5Cs – from climate activism, to sustainability consulting, to gardening, to outdoor adventures, you’ll find your home somewhere in this list. Read on for a brief description of some existing environmental clubs and organizations across the five campuses!

Information about each club/org is sourced from the organization’s website or from 5C Engage.


Sunrise Claremont Colleges

Sunrise is a national movement of young individuals that are fighting to make climate change a priority across America, end the influence of fossil fuel executives on politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people. Sunrise Claremont Colleges works to educate the community on climate change and drive the local government to support sustainable practices in Claremont. They strive to raise awareness for both environmental and social issues in our community and enact change in Claremont.

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The Rooftop Garden Project

Rooftop Garden is a collaboration between Pomona College and Teen Green, a part of Uncommon Good. The program aims to increase activism and awareness around environmental justice, sustainability, and gardening; build leadership and presentation skills; and develop positive mentoring relationships between Pomona and Teen Green students. Environmentors and mentees work together to develop short workshops and collaborate with other members of the program to cultivate a garden on top of Sontag Residence Hall. We meet biweekly on Thursdays from 4 pm to 5:30 pm.

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On The Loose

On The Loose helps students organize trips across California and Southwestern states. Trips include day hikes, overnight backpacking, car camping, surfing, and other outdoor adventures. All trips are free and open to all 5C students, with access to free gear through the Outdoor Education Center at Pomona.

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Pomona Organic Farm

The Pomona College Farm gives students, faculty, and staff a hands-on education of small-scale ecological farming. With the Farm Club, the farm hosts events and weekly volunteer hours to provide students with a broad range of ways to connect with the Farm and 5C community. Through both education and social experiences, the Farm Club strives to get 5C students more connected with the land and with one another.

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Claremont Sustainability Consulting

Claremont Sustainability Consulting is a student-led consulting group that advises small and large companies on sustainability strategies to reduce their environmental impact and increase their social benefit while improving the financial bottom line in the process. CSC believes that business must lead our transition to a sustainable future for both people and the planet, and works with clients on a complimentary basis, creating value for both businesses and their aspiring consultants.

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The Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability:

The Redford Conservancy at Pitzer College aims to increase socio-ecological justice and sustainability in our surrounding communities and beyond. The conservancy hosts environmental analysis courses and field-based natural science, studio art and public education classes.

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Roberts Environmental Center

The Roberts Environmental Center seeks to contribute to the practical solutions of pressing environmental challenges through research and engagement with the private, public, and non-profit sectors. The goal of REC is to involve students in real-world environmental issues and to train them to analyze the issues from as broad a perspective as possible, taking science, economics, and policy into consideration.

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Divest Claremont Colleges

Divest 5C’s is a grassroots movement that unites students from the Claremont Colleges that demand divestment from the individual colleges’ endowment. The movement organizes student activists to commit direct action toward the advancement of divestments. Divest 5C’s purpose is to provide knowledge on the current climate emergency, consumer activism, and how to make the public’s voices heard through direct action. Divest 5Cs holds events centered on direct activism and education on the ongoing climate disaster, how to be a consumer activist, ethical investment, divestment, and politics.

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Scripps Student Garden

The Scripps Student Garden is a student-run program centered on a community garden space and edible garden at Scripps. The Student Garden promotes these resources through weekly gardening meetings, organizing the resident hall compost program, and hosting workshops and sustainability-centered events in these spaces. They work closely with a local community garden, Huerta del Valle, and organize weekly volunteer trips. They strive to expand students’ knowledge of environmental practices on and off campus.

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Pitzer Student Garden

The Pitzer Student Garden is a place for students to learn regenerative farming practices and agroecology techniques, as well as care for an on-campus chicken coop.

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Stella Favaro is a senior PPE major from Sonoma, California. She is interested in the intersections between sustainability and psychology.