Headshot of alumnus Dion Boyd

Major: Economics
Profession: Finance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Hometown: Chicago, IL

What are you doing now?

Global corporate and investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Chicago.

How did you get there?

"Completed internships on and off campus and lots of personal preparation in my free time. Most opportunities came through my undergraduate scholarship program, The Posse Foundation."

How did Pomona prepare you?

"Professors encouraged me at very early stages to begin searching for internships, working on my resume, and figuring out what I want to do after college. This is because they are aware of the competitiveness of the post college job market, and wanted me to be prepared."

Where do you see yourself in five years?

"Hopefully, working for a company that my closest friends and I start. Throughout most of our four years at Pomona, we always talked about starting something together and making it grow and succeed, would love to see this happen sooner than later." 

Any advice for prospective or current students?

"Many students get fixated on one career path when they enter college and miss out on so many different classes and other potential career paths. My advice when coming to Pomona is to really challenge yourself to explore. I came in wanting to be an anesthesiologist but began a career in finance, something so opposite. All because I was open to trying and taking many different types of courses. My advice is to not limit yourself while you are young because there are so many options and paths for one to choose from."