Sugar Baby Watermelons
This week we continue our anti-colonial conversation about crops grown here at the farm with a discussion on watermelon. We are currently growing Sugar Baby Watermelons and are obsessed with watching them grow.
Veggie Scraps
If you’re a friend of the Farm, you probably share our aversion to food waste. Rather than composting or trashing my vegetable scraps, I save them and turn them into vegetable stock.
Farm Fest spring 2016
The Farm’s outdoor kitchen has no oven, but it does have a grill! Over the years, we have adapted many recipes to work on our grill, and grilled pizza has become a staple.
A row of tomato plants trellised with twine
Greetings, As I finally finish staking and running a few lines of twine to trellis our tomatoes, I can’t help but smile. There is not much I love more than...
Chopped fava plants cover a bed
Greetings, As I chop down our sad and overgrown favas, I’m feeling compelled to reflect on and celebrate these wonderful plants! Growing the favas has been a fun journey. We...
Two students hug a bundle of fennel cuttings
Greetings, Fresh herbs can bring such rich flavor to any dish (or drink!). I’m so grateful for the abundance of herbs that grow at the Farm—lavender, fennel, lemon balm, mint,...