Planetarium People


Loredana Vetere

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Philip Choi

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy


Ziv Epstein

Ziv Epstein is a Senior Math and Computer Science from Boulder, Colorado. He has seen the planetarium through its infancy and helped coordinate a new generation of planetarium operators. He did a Media Studies senior thesis in the planetarium.

Adam Mitchell

Adam is a junior at Pomona College who majors in Physics / Astrophysics.  He is from Portland, OR and has been involved with the planetarium since its installation during summer of 2015.  He enjoys running, playing the trumpet, and officiating soccer in his spare time.

Elvis Kahoro

I am Elvis Kahoro, and I'm from Georgia. I like to see galaxies and nebulae in the planetarium. I'm currently majoring in Computer Science. I enjoy working on games, mobile apps, and volunteering in clean technology.

Victor de Fountnouvelle

I'm a sophomore at Pomona College majoring in computer science. I haven't planned any shows yet, but they will be worth the wait. I love road biking, and I play on the 5C Squash Club.

Timothy Curtis

Elise Koskelo

Morley Wiener

Angela Twum

Nolan McCafferty

I am a freshman at Pomona from Seattle, Washington. I am interested in majoring in physics/astronomy and/or computer science. Also, I am also on the Pomona-Pitzer baseball team. My first planetarium project will be about exoplanets and how they are discovered.

Julie Korsmeyer

Hi! My name is Julie Korsmeyer and I’m a sophomore at Scripps College. I plan on majoring in Chemistry, and am considering minoring in Astronomy, with the hopes of going into Astrochemistry. I am really excited to work at the planetarium, and would love to do a project on chemical distributions in space (via stellar life cycles) or on satellite exploration missions by NASA. I’m also a manager for Scripps Challah for Hunger, a tutor for HMC’s CS5 course, a Scripps Peer Mentor, and a mentor for the AISS class at Keck. I love to read, bake desserts, do STEM education outreach, and fly planes.

Sunny Rhoades

Teague Scanlon

I like exploring human's relationships with the natural world.  My planetarium projects attempt to highlight the many dynamic systems that we are a part of, and the ability that we have to live within them or disrupt them based on our every day decisions. I am an environmental analysis major, with a specific interest in sustainably built environments. In my free time, I like to rock climb, mess around in the wood shop, or slap bongo drums repetitively.