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100th Commencement

As the Class of 1993 took center stage, Pomona celebrated the 100th Commencement exercises in its history. Featured speaker for the event was Jack Healy, executive director of Amnesty International USA.

Dean Laura Hoopes

Laura L. Mays Hoopes, formerly associate dean of the faculty and professor of biology at Occidental College, succeeded Jerry Irish as vice president and dean of the college.

STUDENT LIFEVolunteer Center

Students working in cooperation with the Career Development Office and the ASPC staff established a student-operated Volunteer Center to make students aware of the opportunities for volunteering and to help coordinate and facilitate student service of all types. In its first year, 104 Pomona students participated in community volunteer activities through the center.

Occupation of Alexander Hall

A group of students seeking to increase the racial diversity of the faculties and student bodies of The Claremont Colleges occupied Alexander Hall in early February, leaving peacefully after two days. A total of about 50 students from throughout The Claremont Colleges took part in the protest, which began when students entered the building shortly after it had been unlocked by housekeeping personnel, locked the doors and papered the windows with such slogans as “Building closed due to racism,” and “Educate me and you educate yourselves.” The protest was apparently sparked by a rumor that a search committee attempting to fill a joint Intercollegiate Department of Black Studies/Pomona College English Department position had failed to agree on any of three finalists. Protesters also cited Scripps College’s decision to abandon a search for a professor of Chicano Studies. The College agreed to establish a task force to review and recommend means to strengthen student involvement in hiring, renewal and promotion procedures.


Mike Budenholzer recorded a hole in one against Cal Lutheran in a dual meet for the men's golf team. Budenholzer is currently an assistant coach with the San Antonio Spurs under Gregg Popovich.

Water Polo Champions

Women's water polo finishes 23-7 and wins the SCIAC title, the Western Regional and the Collegiate II Nationals.


Haldeman Aquatics Center

During the summer of 1991, a new $3.1 million swimming pool, given by and named for Henry F. Haldeman, was added east of Rains Center, adjacent to Alumni Field. The Haldeman Aquatics Center has a 50-meter Olympic-size pool, one- and three-meter diving boards and separate locker and training facilities.


Czechoslovakia spits into two countries, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in the so-called Velvet Divorce.

A 51-day stand-off at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, ended with a fire that kills 76 people, including cult leader David Koresh.

President Bill Clinton announces his ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy concerning gays in the American military.