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The Arts

An Environmental Arts performance on Marston Quad
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New Studio Art Hall

Pomona's new studio art hall

Under one striking canopy roof, Pomona College’s innovative new Studio Art Hall creates a village of interconnected studios to bring together disciplines ranging from sculpture and painting to digital arts and multimedia.


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Dance at Pomona

Dance at Pomona

Dance at Pomona

Dance at Pomona


Pomona College Museum of Art

Museum of Art

For Prospective Students

Interested in an arts major? Visit our Admissions site for information on special interest supplements for arts students.

Behind the achievements of any original thinker—whether scientist or artist or business leader—lies an ability to see problems in a new light and imagine innovative solutions. At Pomona, we have long known that involvement in the arts can play a key role in shaping these creative and intellectually daring habits of thought.

Pomona's long tradition of excellence and innovation in the arts is evident not only in the remarkable list of noted artists, actors, directors, filmmakers, writers and musicians who began their careers here, but also in the lives of many other alumni who, thanks in part to their experience in the arts, have brought a creative spirit to their chosen field of endeavor.

Both celebratory and critical, the arts make us think and feel, evaluate and synthesize, incorporating these complementary processes into a complex engagement with the world that is at once penetrating and transformative. Through the arts, we experience both the enlightening struggles and the addictive joys of creating something new and meaningful.

On a public level, the shared experiences provided by the arts both strengthen our community and open it to the outside world. Perhaps more than any other endeavor, the arts generate an atmosphere of discovery, and so they live at the very core of a vibrant liberal arts education.

That is why, at Pomona, the arts are an integral part of every student’s education and of the campus climate as a whole. From major works of art like José Clemente Orozco’s “Prometheus” in Frary Dining Hall or “Dividing the Light,” one of the famous skyspaces by Pomona alumnus James Turrell ’65, to the student art installations that pop up in unexpected places across campus each year, from the many opportunities to participate in College sponsored musical ensembles and theatre groups to the more casual bands and a cappella groups that come together in the residence halls and campus center, the arts are an everyday pillar of the Pomona experience.

Underscoring the importance of the arts in Pomona’s day-to-day life is a recent initiative known as Elemental Arts, funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. A four-year program with a yearly theme taken from the classical elements—water, earth, air and fire—the Elemental Arts program includes a range of projects designed to inspire the creation of art on campus and to reinforce the centrality of art in the academic and campus life of the College. Ongoing projects include ArtsInspiration, a competition for student initiated projects; ArtsImmersion, a practice-based experiential course involving all four College departments in the arts, and Theatre for Young Audiences, a community partnership with a local school designed to involve young people in theatre.