Your Four Years

You’ll enjoy a vast range of academic choices at Pomona. You’ll also be part of shared intellectual experiences along the way, marking the path to your degree.

Getting Started

Your first year is for exploring the offerings of the college while also fulfilling General Education ("Breadth of Study") requirements and sharpening skills in areas such as writing, math and foreign languages.

In your first year, you’ll take Critical Inquiry, choosing from a list of 25 to 30 courses with rigorous interdisciplinary reading, writing and discussion. You’ll explore topics as varied as “Nanotechnology in Science and Fiction,” “The Politics of Classical Art,” “The Heart of a Doctor” and “Flashpoints of Rock ’n’ Roll History.”

Settling In

Many students are undecided about their majors when they arrive. Many others change their minds during the first two years. Students are encouraged to explore widely before choosing a major, which typically happens during the second year. You’ll pick from among 48 majors, each designed to sharpen a student’s ability to think critically and use the analytical methods of the field.

Branching Out

Throughout their time at Pomona, students have the opportunity to work side-by-side with professors in deeply engaging research in world-class facilities and in the field, during the school year and in the summer. A wide array of internship opportunities offer vital real-world experiences and chances to build your post-college path.

In the junior year, many students depart for a semester or year of Study Abroad, with 59 Pomona programs for you to choose from. To ensure equal access, Pomona charges the same fees for a semester or year abroad as for the same time on campus and financial aid continues.

Prepared for Launch

In your junior and senior years, you’ll focus in on your major requirements on the way to your Senior Exercise, which can range from scientific research to arts portfolios. This self-designed capstone experience ties together years of coursework and helps shape decisions about life after Pomona.