Flintridge Fund Rembrandt Club Summer Research Grant

The Louisa Moseley Fine Arts Fund, established through a gift to the department by the Flintridge Foundation, provides money to Pomona junior and senior art history majors to support projects that involve costs above and beyond the normal costs associated with an art history class.  Most often these projects relate to senior theses (e.g. travel to museums to attend exhibitions or examine works of art in the museum's collection), but other types of proposals are also considered. The purchase of textbooks or standard course materials is not funded.

To be eligible for this funding, you need to submit an application form, describing your project and why you want to do it, and include a detail budget. .  You must talk with a faculty member and obtain their signature before you submit your application to ensure that your budget is reasonable and that your description is as complete as possible. Grants normally range from $100 to $800.

Rembrandt Club Summer Research Grant

Each year the Rembrandt Club, founded in 1905 to support art at Pomona College, provides funding to allow a Pomona College junior art history major to engage in a summer research project during the summer after their junior year. The objective of The Rembrandt Club Summer Research Grant is to focus special attention on the progress of junior Art History majors between their third and fourth years at Pomona College. These research projects may involve travel to art collections or to a site of special significance for their research project or to undertake an internship. They may also involve the purchase of research resources related to their development as a major.


Louisa Moseley Fine Arts Prizes

One award given for a senior thesis of outstanding quality and creativity.


The Pomona College Museum of Art offers internships to students in a variety of areas–e.g. researching the collection, curating an exhibition, organizing educational programming. The Career Development Office of Pomona College also works with students to place them in internships at various arts organizations throughout the Los Angeles area during the school year.  Local museums also offer a variety of internship opportunities–e.g. at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, the Getty Museums, the Museum of Contemporary Art.  Students should check the ‘News’ page on the department website for updates on available internships and summer research opportunities.


The Art History Department hires work-study  and non-work-study students for a variety of tasks, from research to clerical work in the department office.