Learning Tools

Google Translate
Translates websites or texts to English.


Helps read Japanese text/websites, including kanji (uses popups).
Firefox Add-On
Chrome Extension

Online Dictionaries


Denshi Jisho
Online Japanese dictionary using Jim Breen’s JWWJDIC. Supports dictionary entries with multiple meanings/translations, individual kanji information, searching by radical, and provides example sentences from the Tatoeba Project/Tanaka Corpus.

Kanji Recognition
Converts uploaded images of Japanese characters to text

Handwritten Kanji Canvas
Handwritten/drawn character recognition; click on suggested results to see pronunciation & meaning. Also supports lookup by radical.

Kanji Stroke Order Diagrams
Stroke order diagrams

Online Japanese-English Dictionary
Basic dictionary
ALC dictionary
GOO dictionary
Yahoo! dictionary
Excite dictionary



Japanese Text Initiative
Texts of classical Japanese literature made available online, computer must be able to read and input Japanese characters.

Keiko Schneider's Bookmarks
A collection of bookmarks regarding Japanese and teaching/learning Japanese.