Gail Gallaher ’17 Wins Award at Pacific Seabird Group Meeting

In February, Professor Nina Karnovsky brought four students to the 43rd annual Pacific Seabird Group meeting in Oahu, Hawaii. Three students presented posters, and one did an oral presentation. Gail Gallaher ’17 won the best undergraduate poster prize, which is a big honor. 

The three posters were:

  • Jeffrey Allen ’17 and Leo Estrada ’17 presented “Does Past Success Predict Future Success in Nesting Seabirds?,” a research project they worked on with Prof. Karnovsky, Kyle Jensen ‘17, Nicole McDuffie ‘16, and Diana Hichwa of Madrone Audubon.
  • Leo also presented “Common Murres in Uncommon Numbers: The Effect of the Resurgence of Common Murres on the Nesting Behavior of Brandt’s Cormorants,” research he worked on with Hichwa and Prof. Karnovsky.
  • Gail Gallaher ’17 won the award for "The Busy Life of a Cassin’s Auklet: Interannual Changes in Daily Time Allocation,” which she worked on with members of Point Blue Conservation Science and Profs. Karnovsky and Andrew Cavalcanti.

And Miranda Starr ’16 spoke on "Lend Me Your Ear (Bones): Fish Consumption and Breeding Success in South Polar Skuas on King George Island, Antarctic Penninsula,” which she worked on with Madeline Cowen ’16 and members of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Antarctic Ecosystem Research Division.

Abstracts of these projects, and the entire conference, can be found in the abstract PDF.