Delfina Gonzalez ’17

I have grown up surrounded by science. My mom works in agricultural biotechnology, my dad and stepmom are eighth grade physical science teachers and my brothers have won medals at the California state science fair. I have paved my own path in science by finding a love for early human development and cell biology. At an early age, I loved flipping through anatomy and cell biology textbooks to look at beautiful images of fluorescent cells and developing embryos. While doing research here at Pomona, I have been able to take some images of my own!

I came into Pomona knowing that I would major in Biology or Molecular Biology. I eventually decided to major in Biology for the flexibility this major offered in my class schedule and allowed me to minor in linguistics. I have had incredible research opportunities while at Pomona and have worked with professors who are experts in their fields. I’ve gotten to know them as my closest mentors, and appreciate the support and advice they gave me while applying to graduate schools.

My experiences at Pomona and my interactions with professors made me realize that I want to teach and continue doing developmental biology research. Being a biology major also taught me important life skills that I know will help me handle the rigor of graduate school. I became a strong writer, acquired a wide range of laboratory skills, and learned how to manage my time and work in a team. If you’re interested in any side of biology from molecular biology to ecology, the biology department at Pomona will give you opportunities and experiences that will help you refine your interests, deepen your knowledge, and pursue your passion.