Latin American Studies Program Courses and Requirements

Latin American Studies at Pomona College is an interdisciplinary program that emphasizes analytical approaches to the study of history, culture, language and the political economy of the region. Latin American Studies majors receive training that provides broad regional scope and country specific case studies. Our curriculum also enriches and provides perspective for the study of other disciplines at the college. The Latin American Studies major provides a solid foundation for students pursuing careers in public policy, law, business, social work, education, international relations and advanced research in the social sciences and humanities.

Learning Goals

Students who complete the major in Latin American Studies at Pomona College will be able to:

  1. Recognize the diversity and complexity of the Latin American experience;
  2. Reasonably communicate in Spanish;
  3. Analyze the dynamics of social, political and economic change;
  4. Evaluate scholarship utilizing an interdisciplinary approach;
  5. Assess evidence used by scholars in the field of Latin American Studies;
  6. Pursue independent research;
  7. Construct an interpretation based on their research;
  8. Write clear and persuasive prose.

The evaluation of these objectives occurs at many levels and includes:

  1. Mastery of selected field of specialization
  2. Senior thesis or comprehensive examination
  3. Oral presentation and defense of independent research project.