Molecular Biology Program Courses and Requirements

Molecular biology is the study of biological macromolecules and the means by which they mediate the chemical processes of cells, regulate gene expression and define cell structure and function. This interdisciplinary major is supported by the departments of Biology and Chemistry and was made possible by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Students in the program have many opportunities to become familiar with and apply the approaches used in modern molecular biology research.

Interest in doing research is a must for this major, since students undertake a senior exercise—experimental (MOBI94A, B) or a library thesis - research grant proposal (MOBI191A, B)—where they can demonstrate that they can think independently and creatively, and that they can apply or propose how to apply the research tools of the discipline. During their senior year, students are expected to spend a significant amount of time per week working on their senior thesis exercise. A minor in Molecular Biology is not offered.