Special Program for Molecular Biology Majors

The Molecular Biology Study Abroad Program at University College, London

The study abroad program at UCL offers students a curriculum with a highly unique element, a specially designed course credit in which students explore an independent experimental project in a faculty laboratory. This opportunity exposes students to the culture of a major research institution and is in keeping with the research focus of the Pomona Molecular Biology Program. The research course is nested alongside three other courses, one of which was selected as meeting the biochemistry requirement for the program. This program was designed by Pomona faculty working in collaboration with Pomona’s office of study abroad and Prof. Chris Taylorson of UCL’s Department of Molecular Biosciences.

Previous research experience is required to apply to this program! If interested in the UCL study abroad program make sure to plan ahead of time and to get involved in a research experience before applying.

Faculty Liaisons

Lenny Seligman
Dan O'Leary

Study abroad is possible for Molecular Biology majors and it is very popular. However, it is important to know  that the ONLY window of opportunity is the fall semester of your junior year.

There are a variety of opportunities for our students to take courses that are relevant to the Molecular Biology Program and also there is room for students to take advantage of programs that dot not offer molecular biology related courses and still complete their major.

Opportunities with courses relevant to the Molecular Biology program

Opportunities with courses NOT relevant to the Molecular Biology program

Below are some examples of places Molecular Biology majors have attended for study abroad. For a complete list of all programs available please visit the Study Abroad Office.