Prospective Students

With a range of outstanding performance opportunities, a talented and passionate student body, and a commitment to musical excellence, Pomona's Music Department is the ideal place for you to continue your involvement with music. Students from all of The Claremont Colleges, and of all different majors, are able to take full advantage of Pomona's musical offerings.

Regardless of your intended major, we encourage you to submit a music supplement in addition to your regular application to Pomona if you would want to perform in a Music Department ensemble and/or take private lessons on your instrument or voice. If you would like to attend a rehearsal and/or speak with a faculty member about the program while you're on campus visiting the College, please contact the appropriate faculty member listed below.

Whether intending to major in music or not, students with strong musical skills, significant ensemble or solo experience, AND a strong desire to participate in the Music Department's performance offerings should be in contact with appropriate Music Department faculty BEFORE the senior year of high school. Pomona’s generous need-based financial aid system does not include music scholarships, but a strong musical profile can enhance a candidate’s prospects for admission. The Music Department is particularly interested in candidates who have thought carefully about how their engagement with music would be integrated into their full liberal-arts experience.  Prospective applicants in this category should contact the faculty members below as early as the spring of the junior year, and by August 1 at the latest.

We are delighted you are considering Pomona. Please take advantage of Pomona’s Cost Estimator to confirm that we are a realistic option. If you have additional questions about our department's offerings, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Additional questions? Feel free to email the Music Department.

Faculty Contacts

Musician Type Contact
Band Musicians Graydon Beeks
Choral Singers/Vocalists Donna M. Di Grazia
Composers/Arrangers Tom Flaherty
Orchestral Musicians More Information for Orchestral Musicians
Pianists Genevieve F. Lee
Other interests and instruments Joti Rockwell