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Neuroscience Student Liaisons

Eileen Ahn ’21

Eileen is a senior Neuroscience major and Art minor from Yorba Linda, CA. She is passionate about bridging Neuroscience and Design/Art to work as a medium of academic equity, educational access, and social justice.

Tiffany Chen ’21

Tiffany is on leave in the Fall 2020 term.

Eric Garcia ’21

Eric is a senior Neuroscience major from San Francisco, CA. On campus, you can find him dancing with Groove Nation, one of the hip-hop dance teams, or being first in line at Scripps' Steak & Salmon night every Thursday. Upon graduation, he intends to take a gap year before applying to PhD programs in Neuroscience.

Jessica Kuo ’22

Jessica is a junior Neuroscience major and Music minor from San Ramon, CA. She is interested in cellular/molecular basis of neuroscience, particularly neurological disorders such as epilepsy. In addition, she enjoys playing the cello, reading, and trying new foods.

Christine Lin ’22

Christine is a junior Neuroscience major from Irvine, CA. She is interested in studying learning and memory to better understand how childhood experiences can affect adult behaviors. She is also interested in public health.