Neuroscience Faculty
Richard Lewis
Richard S. Lewis
Professor of Neuroscience and Psychological Science; Chair of Neuroscience
Lincoln Hall 2100
(909) 607-2445
Elizabeth Glater
Elizabeth Glater
Associate Professor of Neuroscience
Seaver South 217
(909) 607-0880
Prof. Karl Johnson
Karl G. Johnson
Sarah Rempel and Herbert S. Rempel Professor of Neuroscience and Professor of Biology
Seaver Biology 212
(909) 607-0069
Jonathan King
Jonathan T. King
Director and Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Seaver South 222
(909) 607-1025
Prof. Rachel Levin
Rachel N. Levin
Associate Professor of Biology and Neuroscience
Seaver Biology 139
(909) 621-8632
Prof. Karen Parfitt
Karen D. Parfitt
Professor of Neuroscience; On leave Spring 2020
Seaver Biology 211
(909) 621-8604
President G. Gabrielle Starr
G. Gabrielle Starr
President of Pomona College; Professor of English and Neuroscience
Alexander Hall 206
(909) 621-8131
Nicole Weekes
Nicole Y. Weekes
Harry S. and L. Madge Rice Thatcher Professor of Psychological Science and Professor of Neuroscience; On leave Spring 2020
Neuroscience Staff
Chris Schabow
Chris Schabow
Academic Coordinator for Neuroscience and Molecular Biology
Seaver Biology 109
(909) 607-2348
Samantha Zacarias
Samantha Zacarias
Neuroscience Laboratory Coordinator
Seaver South 229
(909) 607-9133