Psychological Science Career & Graduate Resources

What do you want to do after you graduate? There are a variety of fields that Psychological Science majors enter once they graduate. This page will provide some resources as to different areas you may be interested in pursuing. 

Check out the below links to websites that may be helpful for thinking about career choices:

  1. Article on networking: "The Right Way to Ask..." 
  2. Website on What to Do With a Psych Degree 
  3. Website providing career advice for all areas of psychology PsychDegree411
  4. Website on different paths for Counseling Careers
  5. Article on Advice for Choosing a Career in Therapy 
  6. Website for advice on Clinical & Counseling Career Paths
  7. American Psychological Association on Career Pathways
  8. American Psychological Association on Careers in Psychology

Here are some resources for graduate school applications!