Psychological Science Student Liaisons

Christine Ha

Christine (she/her) is a class of 2024 Psychological Science major from San Luis Obispo County in California. Some classes Christine has loved with the department are Child Development, Social Psych, and Personality Psych. Outside of the classroom, she loves being a research assistant at the AMH lab with the Berger Institute. In the future, she is considering pursuing a master's in positive psychology and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Aside from psychology, Christine loves cats, listening to music, and Asian food (especially boba and Korean BBQ). She also loves hiking and watching the ocean at night. As liaison, Christine wants to help students experience the incredible love and support she has received from the department by helping further connect psych students to the wonderful staff, to the department’s resources, and to each other. She is super excited about this new role and would love to help and get to know anyone interested in Psychology! She’s available to answer questions, take suggestions, or just chat through email, social media, or in person.

Lauren Kim

Lauren Kim is a junior majoring in Psychological Science and minoring in Linguistics from Fullerton, CA. She hopes to pursue Speech-Language Pathology and earning a PsyD to study clinical psychology in the future. She is currently working as a research assistant for the Applied Mind and Health-CARE Lab at CMC with Dr. Doan, where she is studying child development by looking at physiological data like cortisol, HRV, and blood pressure. Outside of Psychology, Lauren enjoys shopping, dancing and choreographing, as she is currently a contemporary, ballet, and jazz instructor at various dance studios in Orange County. Some of Lauren's favorite courses that she has taken so far are Personality Psychology and Social Psychology. As one of the junior Psychology liaisons this year, Lauren looks forward to continuing enhancing the Psychological Science program and building a stronger community within the department. She's always willing to meet new people and reachable through email, social media (Instagram: @laurenkimm_), or in-person! Please don't hesitate to say hi!

Vidusshi Hingad

As a South Asian woman, Vidusshi Hingad is deeply committed to representing marginalized communities, ardently advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion. She thrives in environments where fostering community and building a culture of genuine collaboration is paramount. Her academic pursuits are centered around research methods in applied psychology, user-centered design, and decision-making. Vidusshi is also passionate about writing, international relations, and the evolving field of generative AI, integrating these interests into her comprehensive approach to her studies and advocacy.