Mirenna Scott

Female standing on top of a high rise building with purple clouds in background

Mirenna is a junior Psychological Science major, art minor, and pre-nursing student originally from Portland, Oregon. She currently works in the CARE Lab (Child Relationships, Attachment, and Emotion) and loves working with children and learning about their cognitive and social development. She spent a semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark studying positive psychology and is now back on campus working as a pre-health mentor and volunteering at the local hospital. She hopes to use her background in Psychological Science to pursue work with families and children as a Nurse Midwife developing a greater level of support for mental health throughout pregnancy and birth. When she’s not working with children or finding a new hiking trail, you can find Mirenna in the ceramics studio or camped out in her favorite chair in the library.

Journey Simmons

Girl smiling at seaside

Journey Simmons is a junior Psychological Science major from Denver, Colorado, concentrating in Black psychology, cultural psychology and education. She currently works in Professor Eric Hurley's Deep Structure Culture lab (DSC Shop). After graduating, she hopes to pursue research and use her background in cultural psychology to push equitable, intersectional change in our education system. She is currently abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, studying multicultural education in a global context. If she's not camping in Lincoln, she's probably(thinking about) real-life camping in the Rocky Mountains, listening to 70's music or discussing the merits of the comic book as an art form.