Psychological Science Student Liaisons

Dylan Yin

Dylan (he/him) is a Psychological Science major and prospective music minor on the pre-health track from Shanghai, China and New York, NY. He hopes to one day work as a pediatrician, applying his interests in child development, clinical psychology and psychopathology to a medical focus; at the same time, he finds social psychology fascinating and would love to talk/learn more! He currently works as a member of the Culture, Race, and Brain (CRAB) Lab and a mentor for PSYC51. Outside of the department, you will probably find Dylan immersed in music, producing and releasing original songs and jamming in the Pomona College Choir and Orchestra, the Jazz Ensemble, and the After School Specials acapella group. Outside of music, he loves to cook, watch nature documentaries or animated kids shows, celebrate his APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) identity, and take care of various small animals/plants. Dylan's goal above all else is to ensure people feel supported and safe in their communities, and he strives to do just that as a Psychological Science liaison. He can always be reached through email or social media. Feel free to say hi on the path - he apologizes in advance if he has his headphones on!

JoJo Widi

JoJo is a Pomona College class of 2023 Psychological Science major from Cheyenne, Wyoming. In psychology, he most enjoys dealing with social and cognitive areas, though he has developed a broad interest in most areas of the subject. Outside psychology, JoJo is most interested academically in philosophy, politics, and history, while away from school you’re likely to find him participating in hobbies like chess, poker, soccer, disc golf, and piano. His experience with the Psych department includes working as a member of C.R.A.B. (Culture, Race, and Brain) Lab, mentoring for PSYC051, and conducting a RAISE project on the semantic processing of music. JoJo’s goal as a liaison is to form meaningful relationships with the wonderful people in the Psych department and to put his best foot forward in enhancing the experiences of both students and faculty. He’s always available to talk through email, social media, or in-person, and he’s really excited to start working with you!