Psychological Science Student Liaisons

Ananya Saluja

Ananya Saluja is an international student from New Delhi, India, but she is spending her semester in Providence, Rhode Island! A junior and aspiring Psychology-Politics double major, her favourite class from her time at Pomona so far is Personality Psychology with Professor Sara Masland. She is looking forward to interacting with students from across the globe, and the phenomenal Psychological Science faculty, in her role as liaison, and hopes she can play a part in understanding how to better move away from a Eurocentric approach to the subject, in an attempt to increase inclusivity and cultural competence. She can be contacted on Facebook, Instagram, or by email, and loves talking to new people. Outside of class you can find her dancing to Bollywood songs with the rest of her dance team, making tea during Writing Center shifts, Zoom calling across time zones with the ISMP community, or looking at pictures of corgis. She's so excited to be a liaison, and she hopes she does the Psych Sci community proud!

Cogie Celzo

Cogie is a Psychological Science major and Asian American Studies minor based in Fort Mohave, AZ. Coming from the Philippines, Cogie finds his academic interests in viewing Psych. Science under the lenses of specific cultural contexts. Because of this, he has enjoyed Asian American Psychology with Professor Goto and is enjoying Race, Empire, & Filipinx America at Pitzer as well. A C.R.A.B. (Culture, Race, and Brain) Lab member and an A.A.R.C. (Asian American Resource Center) intern, he hopes to incorporate community participation and betterment into the work he pursues in Psych. Science, may it be clinically or academically (who knows?) As a liaison, Cogie wishes to center how we are able to utilize Psych. Science to aid in the collective liberation of our communities on the ground and in academia. He’d love to talk about analyzing Psych. Science through a critical lens (or about Psych. in general) through email. If he isn’t busy strumming on his guitar, caring for his houseplants, or looking recipes up only to not follow them, he’ll reply in 11sec., 11min, or 11hrs (as his email signature proclaims).