• In class with Professor Eric Hurley
    In class with Professor Eric Hurley
  • In class with Professor Eric Hurley
    In class with Professor Eric Hurley
  • In class with Professor Sharon Goto
    In class with Professor Sharon Goto

Study human behavior, the theories and empirical findings of psychology, and research and laboratory methodology.

Our Psychology major and minor give students a strong background in psychological science with a heavy emphasis on empirical research and laboratory experience.

You’ll understand theories and empirical findings and become a critical consumer and producer of knowledge of human behavior, understanding how psychology can be applied to real-world problems.

You’ll begin with a broad introductory course, learn about research design and statistical methods, take lab courses, and take a required cultural/ethnic psychology course.

Our department is pioneering: We are the first in the nation to require a cultural/ethnic psychology course and are the only school that requires an empirical thesis of all graduates.

We believe that firsthand experience in planning, performing and interpreting research is the best teacher of critical thinking in the field of psychology. You’ll have associated labs in many courses. Full-time faculty members have their own working research lab. You can apply for summer research grants, and you’ll undertake your own project as a senior thesis.

The department offers excellent facilities for research, including a dedicated computer lab and a wide range of specialized research equipment for exploring the cognitive, developmental, social, clinical and neural perspectives on behavior.

Graduate schools in both clinical and experimental areas of psychology, not to mention many other fields of study, look for a strong laboratory background in their applicants.

Majors in psychology are also encouraged to practice the application of psychological science to the solution of human problems by participating in fieldwork in psychology, particularly if interested in pursuing a career in clinical or community psychology. Several courses have fieldwork components or involve critical analysis of contemporary social issues.